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Bravo (ended 2004)


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  • Show follows child wannabe actors and their parents.

    What can one say about this show.. Well the best way to describe it is a traffic accident. You know you shouldn't look at it but you can't help rebbernecking a glance.

    Most all of the parents come off very poorly and one of the kids comes off very poorly. Only one family comes off very well.

    The show follows five familys. The kids are a little 4 year old beauty pagent girl, another is an 8 year old actress, another is a 13 year old actress, one is a 13 year old boy who wants to be a singer, and the last is a family of i believe it was 6 kids.

    First family is the Tynes. Emily Tyne is a four year old beauty pagent contestant. Her mom and grandma do not come off well. You see the little girl cry a lot and not want to do the competition.

    Next is the only ones who have talent and come off very well. That is eight year old Jordan Moseley. She has talent and enjoys it. Mom doesn't pressure her at all. Plus the kid has a great additude.

    Jordan Barron is the one kid who comes off the worst! She is about 13 and has a permanent bad additude. She talks poorly to her mom and has no talent what so ever. The mom takes a lot of verbal abuse with the moody teen.

    Next kid is Shane Klingensmith. He is about 13. Cute kid, but just not a great singer or actor. The mom is a total pain. She sells condos and constantly tries to get interested buyers to see her kid in competitions and gives instructions from off stage. And next is the most delusional parent. David Nutter and his kids. He has either 6 or 8, I forget how many. The man moved from a well paying insurance or accounting job (again been a while since I watched this) to move to NYC and live in a two bedroom apartment. He now works as a ticket taker. He wants to be an actor himself, but has less than zero talent. And he coaches his kids in acting. Needless to say the lack of talent is passed down.

    Overall the show is one of those shows that is nothing you'd want to let people know you watch.