Showtime at the Apollo

Season 18 Episode 7

Lyfe Jennings

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 2005 on

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  • lyfe jennings came out and did what he had to do and he got a standing ovation

    lyfe did a wonderful job. think apollo should invite him back another time. he did good and i think what he has to say is what people need to hear. i also like the way he played along with his great voice. that really set the melody. i think he has what it takes to be a well remembered singer and his album will sell out
  • Great

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  • life jennings is one of the most talented people in the soul music industry category.

    i really liked this episode especially that the fact that life was on and when he came out i was like wow he is doing his thing.i was one of few people who remember when he first came on the apollo and he got booed but the audience really got to know his message a little better.when i saw him i knew he was going to be something. i bought his album and i have to say every one of the songs have a special message and meaning.