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  • Shrek the ogre and his pals have another small adventure except instead of the big screen it's on TV this time.

    Although it was only a one episode holiday special, I still liked it. IMO it didn't match up to Shrek 1 and 2 but it definitely was better and funnier than Shrek the Third (man I hated that movie and how it ruined the series). This special takes place sometime after the third movie so the continuity is a good thing and all the voice actors of Mike Meyers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas return to reprise their roles. Although the third movie was horrible I'll still have a liking for Shrek (apparently the studios are making a 4th movie, so good luck with that, guess they don't know what pushing their luck is) and I really enjoyed this TV Special anyways. If you're a Shrek fan I suggest you watch this and not let Shrek the Third ruin your liking for the character. Good for all ages and good holiday special overall.
  • Great!

    Becuase the show and the episode are the same thing, I'm posting the same review for both of them. Now, to the point...

    HILARIOUS! I wasn't a fan of Shrek the Third, actually I kinda hated it, I would've given it a 3 out of 10. So, I thought this special would be just as bad in quality. Bu t, boy was I wrong! Now, iactually can't wait for the Fourth Shrek movie!

    Okay, so Shrek the Halls isn't as good as Shrek 2, and it might be better than Shrek 1.

    Watch this when it's on every Christmas, which won't eb hard because it's on for the next 12 years!

    10 out of 10.
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  • Shrek and the gang celebrate the holidays together in a white Christmas.

    This is a way to save eight bucks, for not going to the theatres, and seeing Shrek the Halls. I really enjoyed this ABC special, but it went downhill kinda. Shrek was kinda acting the way he is to be like in Shrek 2, and Shrek 3. Didn't really disappoint me. And yes Donkey will always help Shrek, and it's great to see Dragon again, she one of my favorite characters. Shrek the Halls is one of my favorite holiday specials of 2007. This is review is a production of Halo's Holiday Thang. Thanks for reading, guys. Peace out. Happy Holidays!
  • A holiday special based off of a movie?

    I am a fan of Shrek I watched the first 2 movies I never saw the third but I heard wasn't good I never thought there would be a holiday special based off a movie. What it reveals to us is that Shrek is not good with holidays because he is a ogre but then they try the best they can to have a good holidays andd it reveald to us that the gingerbread man had a girl friend who was eaten by santa claus and so cause of that he hates the holidays. I give this a 7 only cause I don't understand why a movie series would become a tv holiday special.
  • A great watch for the family during the Holiday Season

    During a time of repeat Christmas cartoons it was nice to view a new holiday cartoon for a change. The show was true to form to the original Shrek movies, including the voices of the characters. A nice touch was seeing the cliches that were added for effect, like the pigs in a blanket, and the gingerbread man laying between two pieces of bread - hence, gingerbread. I have children ranging in ages from elementary school to high school, and we all enjoyed the cartoon. Although the classic cartoons are great to watch, I hope some other animated movies will follow suit and put out a Christmas cartoon, too. The variety would be well received.
  • Shrek struggles to find the true meaning of Christmas as Donkey threatens his night with the family.

    Although I'm a fan of the classics such as Frosty and Rudolph, this was a great modern Christmas show using a favorite character of mine, Shrek.

    Shrek realizes that Fiona is interested in celebrating Christmas this year, so in a last second attempt he buys a "Christmas for " to satisfy his family's spirit.
    Everything was shaping up to be perfect until Donkey misinterprets Fiona's idea for a "family Christmas" and brings the whole gang.
    This causes chaos in Shrek's home and ruins his thought of Christmas and ends with him violently kicking everyone out of his home.
    Though after Fiona leaves with the kids to join the others, Shrek realizes what he has done is wrong and attempts to apologize to his friends.
    In the end everyone goes back to Shrek's house and he tells his version of "'twas the Night Before Christmas" tale, only to end with Santa riding his sleigh across the moonlit sky.
  • Shrek has always been my favorite fantasy character because he's just funny. Shrek the First now the part I could not stop laughing at was when their were in the opening credits and Shrek farts very hard in the swamp LOL!. I'm looking foward to tune in.

    My guess this special event is going to be just like the Shrek movies and I'm looking foward to watching Shrek The Halls. Mike Myers is lucky to have a permanent role as Shrek if I had the role I would be honored to. And I got one question in the first movie their were other fantasy characters almost like Shrek in Shrek the First how come everyone was scared to tears when they saw a Oger?. Well I have a good feeling that this show is going to come piling in the ratings if you ask me. I give this show two thumbs up.