Shrek The Halls

ABC (Holiday Event 2007)


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  • Shrek the ogre and his pals have another small adventure except instead of the big screen it's on TV this time.

    Although it was only a one episode holiday special, I still liked it. IMO it didn't match up to Shrek 1 and 2 but it definitely was better and funnier than Shrek the Third (man I hated that movie and how it ruined the series). This special takes place sometime after the third movie so the continuity is a good thing and all the voice actors of Mike Meyers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas return to reprise their roles. Although the third movie was horrible I'll still have a liking for Shrek (apparently the studios are making a 4th movie, so good luck with that, guess they don't know what pushing their luck is) and I really enjoyed this TV Special anyways. If you're a Shrek fan I suggest you watch this and not let Shrek the Third ruin your liking for the character. Good for all ages and good holiday special overall.