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Shuffle! - Harem, Supernatural, Romance, Comedy, Drama (May contain violence, bad language, nudity and adult themes)...

Rin Tsuchimi is a high school student who lives with his childhood friend Kaede Fuyou. One day two new transfer students show up at his school, and they are two cute girls. One of the girls, Lisianthus, is the daughter of the king of gods, and the other girl, Nerine, is the daughter of the king of devils.

They have come to win Rin's love, because they fell in love with him when they were young. Oh, but of course there are other friends who love him the same way and will also try to gain his affections.

*This guide also contains the re-cap series Shuffle! Memories.*
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  • A unusual but also amusing show called SHUFFLE!

    A game where you can choose the outcome based on your decisions on choosing a specific action on a specific girl, would be great to get together with the girl you want and marry her, however the directors clearly showed their favorite by choosing Asa. Shuffle! is really an amusing show at the beginning but later in the series the characters are getting more tense and more intimate with each other and start getting a little outta hand. I found the development of some characters in the end good, but the one I was not please with was Kaedas development, having such a tragic history with Rin and developing feelings for her, ultimately lead them to separate and left her with a broken heart, but this show proved that it is not all what you expect. I really expected Kaeda and Rin since they grew up together but in the end even the most strongest connection can break if one chooses to love another. This show has given me great sadness but also a very amusing impression on how it is done, although I must say I am pleased how it all turned out in the end. Everybody has set their differences aside, Asa has Rin, Asa leta Kaeda love him still, and the both still have their chances, so everything has a happy ending.

    My review for 2012: Shuffle! is a good series to watch and enjoy.moreless
  • Although it may seem like the usual harem anime where one guy is surrounded by beautiful women and has to choose one of them, this may surprise you.

    This has some key points that makes it different from other harem animes. Not only are there 3 different worlds and races, there are 3 different races in his selection of women. As you progress through this show, there will be very many unexpected things happening through out. Then towards the ends, his decision is a very unexpected choice. Though not only does it show Rin go through the process of making his decision, it also shows the aftermath after everything. These few key points and many others are what separate this anime from the typical harem anime where one guy chooses one girl and they get married. I highly recommend this anime to anyone.moreless
  • As i am a anime freak!!!!! this caught my eye and after watchin 5eps i was hooked!!!

    Shuffle is a striking show loved it when first started 2watch it i just culdnt stop watchin i wuld say if u ave neva seen u shuld watch i watch first 5eps and was in love i now own both seasons.

    You will love the story cause so many people can relate to the story love triangles n fights over boys and boys not knowing who to chose as always and in the end only one girl get hurt!!! KAEDE!!!

    And the love story just ends so sadly cause it always strays the oppsite way from wat u want it to be so pull up a seat and enjoy.moreless
  • A high school boy becomes entrapped in a whirlwind of girls all vying for his love. He even has the chance to be the King of the Gods or Demons! But much hardship lies in the road ahead. Can he keep it together to save those he loves; even himself?moreless

    Started this show on a complete whim. I liked it right off the bat. It was funny and different than other romantic comedies I have been watching. The guy has the daughters of the King of the Gods and Demons trying with all their will to be his wife, while he also has his longtime friend, his psycho best friend and housemate, and another girl still all trying to exchange their love with him. As I said, this show was good off the start. Then it took a very wrong turn for the worst when the story goes awry with one girl not being able to control her magic due to her feelings and then the housemate trying to kill people and hating everyone out of pure rage and possessive jealousy. Still, I will finish the series when it is all dubbed so I can see how things play out. I suggest mostly just watching the first half, but see for yourself.moreless
  • Five girls each vying for one mans attention, which would you choose?

    This series is beautifully done! It has held me captive in more ways than one. The characters are believable (within reason), the environments are fitting, and the music is surreal. As anime shows go this has a low amount of fan service, it is primarily used for a comedic boost. Other than that and more importantly Shuffle produces the complete array of emotion. The most impressing part of the series is the change that gradually happens, it starts out very light hearted with a great deal of laughter and then it starts to change (some where around mid to late fourth disc) into a more, down to earth, serious show. The characters also keep pace with the change in the show, each grow tremendously from the small people they were in the beginning. Overall I am very impressed and I am looking forward to re-watching this beautiful series. So, rent it, buy it, but either way you have to watch it.moreless
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teen angst, supernatural forces, relationship woes, love triangle, hostile monsters