Season 1 Episode 22

To A New Tomorrow

Aired Thursday 12:00 AM Dec 15, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Everything is back to normal except for the fact that Asa and Rin are in a relationship. People notice it and they start to slap Rin's back and they ask questions about the confession. Also, Rin talks to the Real Estate Agent and he is given an apartment. He is now ready to move out of Kaede's place.moreless

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    Ryouko Tanaka

    Ryouko Tanaka


    Guest Star

    Chinomi Takema

    Chinomi Takema

    Nadeshiko Benibara

    Recurring Role

    Hideki Ogihara

    Hideki Ogihara

    Itsuki Midoriba

    Recurring Role

    Juurouta Kosugi

    Juurouta Kosugi

    King of Gods (Shin-Ou)

    Recurring Role

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      • Shia: I just can't stand round here! Just you wait, Rin! I'll try harder and harder... to become a girl who won't lose to Nerine or Asa!
        Rin: O-Okay.
        Kikyou: (Flirtatiously) Get ready. I'll become a real hottie and come back to steal your heart
        Rin: You're Shia's...!

      • Itsuki: (Talking about Rin's choice of Asa) On that note, as for Kaede, Shia and Nerine. I'll take good care of them, so you can rest easy.
        Rin: What makes you think that'll happen?!
        Itsuki: Love isn't something meant for everyone. That's the general consensus. But in my case, I can love everyone equally! That ending I'll get... will undoubtly be the harem ending!
        Mayumi: Why am I the only one not in there!
        Itsuki: I'm sorry, but... my harem isn't for girls with bust smaller than 81 centi- (Mayumi punches him)

      • Mayumi: It's already been a week since that soap opera confession.
        Rin: (Spits out his drink) What makes you think it was a soap opera confession?! You didn't even see it.
        Mayumi: (Whining) That's why it's so frustrating! God Almighty! How could I have missed the moment of truth?!

      • Asa: Hellooo, Rin! (Whacks his back)
        Rin: That hurts!
        Asa: Mornin' It's pretty nice out today, isn't it?
        Rin: You never stop hitting me even though we're going out, huh?
        Asa: Yeah, I guess so.

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