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  • Party 25 - A Heart-racing Dokki Doki!
    Why is Ikuto in Amu's room? Amu ends up getting caught up in Ikuto's flow as usual and taken to the amusement park, but this time Tadase-kun shows up and Amu's shocked and nervous! But... Then, a few days later, there's the final Guardian's meeting a few days before the graduation ceremony.moreless
  • Party 24 - Believe in my Pure Heart!
    Amu and Tadase head to Rikka's room and find Rikka crying over the remains of a shattered X egg. Rikka confesses that she was keeping all those X eggs in her room to Amu, and after Su helps explain that the X eggs didn't do anything bad on purpose, Rikka realizes it was all her fault. Meanwhile, Nagihiko and Rima chase after the X eggs, but every time they try and get near them they burst, sending out a wave of sadness! Can Rikka save what remains of her X egg friends before its too late?moreless
  • Party 23 - Oh, no! Rikka and the X Eggs...
    Rikka stays up late at night playing card games with Hotaru, and ends up being late to a Sunday Guardian meeting where they're preparing for a graduation party. Back at her home, the X Eggs notice that she forgot to bring paints with her, and try to help out Rikka because they feel neglected with Hotaru taking up Rikka's attention lately, but they only screw up and make things worse. Rikka doesn't realize they were trying to help, however, and yells at them all.moreless
  • Party 22 - Hikaru and the Fun Amusement Park!
    Rikka has a fun time playing "Dadashiko" with the Guardian Characters in the Royal Garden, but Hikaru doesn't seem amused. After some questioning, it seems that Hikaru has never really laughed in his entire life! Amu decides to fix this problem, and invites him and Rikka for a fun Sunday at the amusement park. Even though Hikaru says he's having a lot of fun, he still isn't laughing. Is there nothing that will make him laugh?moreless
  • Party 21 - How do you do? My name is Hotaru
    After Hotaru is born, Rikka runs around introducing her to everyone bright and early in the morning! It would seem like the perfect time for a celebration in the Royal Garden, but instead she's picked to do a presentation at the next general Guardian Assembly! Can Rikka get over her unease and nerves and step into her new, important role?moreless
  • Party 20 - Shock! My Egg got an X on it?
    Rikka is worried that her Guardian Egg will never hatch until she figures out who she wants to be, so she decides to become the coolest person in the school, Amu! But the Guardians and her friends just think she's acting weird and are worried about her. Rikka gets depressed that she can never be cool like Amu, and suddenly her Guardian Egg turns into an X Egg! How can she ever show her face to Amu again?!moreless
  • Party 19 - Utau's Wavering Heart
    Utau storms out of a recording session for her new song, and goes to eat ramen with Kukai to cool her head. But when even her favorite ramen shop changes their recipe in response to customer feedback, Utau goes to ask for advice the only place she can... Amu's house!
  • Party 18 - A Heart-Racing Picnic
    Amu and Hikaru all head out with Rikka's family together for a picnic, but Hikaru doesn't seem to understand what's so fun about it. But as he spends time with Rikka's mom and dad, Hikaru starts to understand a little about what it's like having a family.
  • Party 17 - Round-and-Round! Our Spinning World!
    Hikaru has a test in gym class tomorrow where he has to do a spin on the horizontal bar, and after school Nagihiko and Amu help him practice. However Hikaru, always focused on efficiency, doesn't understand the purpose of working to be able to do a spin. Amu practices with him to find the answer, but will they be able to complete a spin?moreless
  • Party 16 - Go Rikka! Follow the Way of the Guardians!
    Rikka finally had her Guardian Egg be born!!! She's so excited that she does her Guardian Apprentice job even more enthusiastically than before, but thanks to some teasing by other students she begins to question the role of the Guardians. Amu and the others get worried about Rikka suddenly losing her sparkle...moreless
  • Party 15 - Stop Fighting!
    Rikka gets angry and slaps Hikaru-kun after she offers to let her friend, Kimi, read his palm and he dismisses it as unscientific which makes Kimi upset. Neither of them have many regrets until they slowly start to understand what they did wrong after listening to what Amu and Tadase have to say.moreless
  • Party 14 - First Encounter of the X Character Kind!?
    Rikka continues to think about what kind of person she wants to become, but she can't come up with anything. Amu and the gang try to give her suggestions, but she just gets frustrated. Just then, an X Egg appears. As it's the first X Character she's ever seen, Rikka tries to calm it down, but it begins to attack!moreless
  • Party 13 - Who I want to be!
    Amu and the others follow after their Guardian Characters when they sense something strange, and come across a young girl who has lost her heart's egg. The girl is holding a broken stuffed animal in her hand, but they don't know what happened. As they search for the X Egg, Rikka begins to think about who she wants to be.moreless
  • Party 12 - I'm Beat! Amu-chan becomes a Mom?
    It's finally Sunday, but Amu doesn't just have a ton of homework to do, her parents leave her to handle everything at home, too! She ends up getting caught up playing around with her Guardian Characters and Ami, just as high spirited as ever, but there's plenty of cooking and cleaning she also has to handle! Can Amu be Ami's "Mom for a day?"moreless
  • Party 11 - That Sparkling Treasure!
    Rikka loses her special treasure, a necklace that her dad gave her when she entered elementary school, and is desperately retracing her steps in order to find it. Amu and her Guardian Characters all help Rikka out, but Hikaru doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. Hikaru can't comprehend how something as trivial as a gift from someone can be so precious...moreless
  • Party 10 - What? Tadase-kun has a crush on someone?!
    Walking down the street, Amu spots Tadase and Kukai talking to each other. "Could it be love they're discussing," Amu thinks, when she listens in and hears Tadase talking about a "cute little thing!" The Guardian Characters head to Tadase's place to ascertain the truth. Amu stays behind in her room, depressed, when she gets a call from you-know-who...moreless
  • Party 9 - But why?! Rima-senpai?
    Rikka is so overjoyed that the seeds they'd just planted had sprouted. She drags Amu and Rima to take a look. When Rima starts to thin out the buds that don't look so healthy, Rikka is upset because she thought that every sprout has the possibility to turn into a flower. The two have a misunderstanding, and Rikka runs off while Rima continues her work...moreless
  • Party 8 - The Miraculous Character Change
    Amu and Tadase are walking home together, which they hadn't done in a while. Amu is not honest with her feelings as usual, and Ran can't stand it so Character Changes Amu! Rikka happens to see it walking by, and thinks it's totally great! She asks Amu to change one after another until she's completely worn out. Eventually Rikka asks to Character Change with Miki to help her with arts and crafts, but...moreless
  • Party 7 - Welcome Back, Nadeshiko!
    Nadeshiko is back! Amu goes to see her after noticing that she'd be performing at a Fujisaki house dance recital, but Nagihiko is all worried she'll discover the truth. Despite the help of a miraculous (?) assist from Rima, just as things were starting up again an X egg appears, so Nadeshiko...moreless
  • Party 6 - The Place Eggs Return To
    Rikka forgets about her job and spaces out in the Royal Garden, so to get her mind back in the game she's asked to get Yaya and Hikaru from the flower garden. Amu is a little worried so she has her Guardian Characters go with her, but just as expected Rikka gets distracted on the way. She runs into an X Egg, and chases after it by herself.moreless
  • Party 5 - Yaya's Enthusiastic Gardening!
    Yaya takes along Rikka and Hikaru to help with her job of taking care of the flower beds, but with more enthusiasm than usual because it's her first time mentoring younger students! Rikka is totally impressed, but the next day an X Egg appears and does something terrible!
  • Party 4 - Hikaru vs. Bunny?
    Hikaru-kun is given the responsibility to take care of a rabbit as part of the Guardian's work, but although he's knowledgeable he doesn't understand why anyone would want to. Amu, Rikka and the Guardian Characters help out with the various jobs, but during a walk the rabbit doesn't look so well...moreless
  • Party 3 - Sparkle, My Heart! The Power of Song!
    Amu is invited to the big concert Utau is having today, and she brings along Rikka and Hikaru. Rikka is a giant fan and really revved up unlike Hikaru who has his usual cool composure. He doesn't understand what Rikka means when she says that listening to music can energize you. But just then, an X Egg appears in the concert hall... What will become of the performance?moreless
  • Party 2 - Enter the Guardian Apprentice!?
    Amu meets a super-peppy transfer student to Seiyo Academy Elementary School named Hiiragi Rikka at school one day. Not only can she see Guardian Characters, but it seems she has some other, mysterious power as well. When she sees the work that Amu and the other Guardians do at school, she's awestruck.moreless
  • Party 1 - The Super-Peppy Transfer Student!
    Amu meets a super-peppy transfer student to Seiyo Academy Elementary School named Hiiragi Rikka at school one day. Not only can she see Guardian Characters, but it seems she has some other, mysterious powers as well. When she sees the work that Amu and the other Guardians to at school, she's awestruck.moreless