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TV Tokyo (ended 2010)





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  • Amu Hinamor is a cool popular girl who wishes to have frinds. Please read my Review.

    shugo chara is about a girl named Amu Hinamori, who is super popular, and has no friends because people say she;s to cool to mget close to. Amu secretly wants to make friends with people and she wants to be her true self. When one day she goes to bed and wishes to a gardian angel sama, that she wants to be her true self, and she wants to feel cute for once. When Amu wakes up the next morning, she finds three eggs. One is pink, one is blue, one is green. The eggs are warm whitch means they will hatch soon. So Amu takes them to schhol. When when she walks past one of the gardians of the school. The gardians job is to protect school information, and are the learders of the school. There is the K chair whitch is King is Tadase Hotori, Q chair is queen whitch geos to Nadeshiko Fujisaki, the j chair jack chair geos to Kukai Souma, and the a chair ace chair geos to Yaya Yuiki whitch all have gardian characters. Amu askes about them. Gardian characters are the self you want to be. When Amu;s hatches the first is the pink, whitch is sporty, hger names is Ran. The second one is the blue one whitch is atistic, her name is Mikki. Thew third one whitch ic the green, her name is Su. Tadase has a King named Kiseki. Nadeshko;s character is Temari. Kukai has Diachi. Yaya has Pepe.
  • An adorable Anime that keeps you watching!

    This is absolutely my favorite Anime of all time. It's always hilarious-Ran, Miki, Suu and Eru's mischief, Amu embarrasing herself, Ami tackling the "Great Chara's", and so many more random funny moments. Then, there are the characters. The cute, loveable Guardian Character's, The "Cool and Spicy" Amu, Amu's hilarious family, The Fantastic Guardians, and, my favorite, Ikuto-They all make the show great!

    The plot is wonderful. It takes you in twists you'd never expect to episodes before. I just love that in a show. The episodes leave you dying to see the next. This isn't too important, but all the theme songs are awesome in my opinion. Overall, it's a funny, cute wonderful Anime that keeps people watching-how could you not love it??
  • Amu Hinamori is 11 years old who can transforms with her guardian charas. This anime includes romance, comedy,magical girl... I found this relly funny and cute~~~~ Love it sooooo much~!!!!

    Everyone at Amu's school thinks that she is the most popular and coolest student. Amu's knows that that is not her real self and want to change. Thats when her 3 guardian chara's is born called Ran. Miki and Suu. Together they join Seiyo academy's guadian club. She meets the other guardians and chara including Tadase,the king,Nadeshiko,the queen.Kukai,the jack and yaya,the ace.
    together they help the other children and protect their hearts egg.
    After a while, Amu founds out she is in love with Tadase,Kukai and Ikuto(the enemy)/...
    The Easter company, the enemy want to obtain the Embroyo to make their wishes come true.
  • I luv this show so much!!! Some misshaps, but it's great!!!

    This show is amazing! It's perfect with everything! Except with some things...Like when Tadase doesn't like Amu, but he likes her athletic self, but that's just me! I would make it a 10 if they made Tadase in love with Amu properly, but I'm sure he falls in love with AMU later. I haven't seen the whole series yet, so I'm not sure what happens. But, I am praying that it'll end up really good! But for now, I give it a 9.8. Not be stupid though. It's just my opinion. Everything else is perfect! I like how Ikuto is cat-like, and likes to make Tadase mad, and stugg by pretending to flirt with Amu. Sometimes, I think he actually likes Amu! It's amazing how the love triangle sometimes is hard, and sometimes not...But overall, it's amzing, and one of my personal faves!
  • Amu wants to stop acting how everyone expects her to act. So she makes a wish and it comes true! But now she has to deal with 3 energetic guardian angels, save her classmates from harm and keep up her outer image so she is accepted to her peers.

    I love Shugo Chara. It is a very girly anime but hey if you like the kind of anime where a girl transforms into a super heroine and saves the innocent then this anime may be for you. I've never read the manga of Shugo Chara before so I may not know a lot about it but so far I love watching the anime. I also like how the anime looks. It's something about the colors and how everything is drawn, it just looks cute I guess. What I love most is the Chara Change with all the characters. It's just so funny because one moment the character will act normal and the next second, if they did a change, they will totally act like someone else that you never guess they'll act like. Plus I love the opening theme 'Kokoro no Tamago' and the ending theme 'Honto no Jibun' It's very catchy.