Shuriken School

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Eyes Wide Shut
      Eyes Wide Shut
      Episode 12
      When all the kids start acting crazy in their sleep, it threatens to get everyone expelled from Shuriken School. It’s as if all the inner demons of each student are being released in their sleep. Eizan, Okuni and Jimmy must get to the bottom of this mystery … all they have to do is not fall asleep … stay away … stay … awake …moreless
    • Detective Mania
      Detective Mania
      Episode 11
      Laura and Sam, two private detectives who seem to have come straight out of a detective novel, want to follow a training course at Shuriken with the aim of improving their skills. They need to be able to arrest a gang of audacious thieves. The Principal lets them convince him with a thick bunch of bank notes that Laura offers him.moreless
    • The Master of Darkness
      Winter has covered Shuriken with its coat of snow and fog. Visibility is down to a bare minimum and the fog lends a scary appearance to the smallest of bushes. How will the students be able to take their important end of term practical exams in weather like this? The Principal moans, but Kita, as she’s flipping through one of Eizan’s books, has an idea… The next day, without knowing how they got there, the students wake up to find themselves aboard the «Black Dragon», a vessel on course for... the domain of the Master of Terrible Darkness!moreless
    • Pop Star for a Day
      To increase the school’s income, the Principal has accepted to house three young stars from the music industry in need of calm and tranquillity. The atmosphere at Shuriken is morose. The stars snub their hosts, their manager is unbearable, and the gym is out of bounds for the budding ninjas. Outside, fans, photographers and TV production vans have flocked in, as if by miracle. Shuriken resembles a besieged fort.moreless
    • The Big Illusion
      The Big Illusion
      Episode 8
      Zumichito has invented a revolutionary smoke machine: the Holosmoke. The Principal sees it as a new source of revenue for the school. When night falls, the Principal and Zumichito discover two undercover ninjas in the school and chase after them.
    • Shuriken School Secrets
      As Eizan, Jimmy and Okuni are wandering through the shopping mall, a woman has her bag snatched. Our heroes chase after the thief, and, with Ami’s help – who was in the middle of doing her shopping – they stop him in his tracks in a most spectacular way. When they take the bag back to the owner, Ami recognizes that it’s the famous TV presenter from «Whiz Kids».moreless
    • The Saber and Its...
      This time the school is really falling to ruins. Old worn out material, broken floor boards…everyone is complaining to the Principal who finds himself having to search the internet for the cheapest solution to put things right : a kind of home automated computer called Alice…
    • Phantom of the Kabuki
      Kubo is in seventh heaven: Kabuki is getting closer, and for several years now, he has been the director. This year, he’s decided to pull the roles out of a hat, and the main role ends up going to Eizan…to his great despair! When it comes to getting up on stage, Eizan falls to pieces, especially knowing half the town will come and watch the show! Rehearsals begin but the play is sabotaged by a mysterious ghost who turns the stage upside down!moreless
    • Funny Chick
      Funny Chick
      Episode 4
      Eizan rescues an adorable little chick from prowling tomcats while out walking with Jimmy and Okuni. Although pets are against Shuriken rules, Eizan decides to keep this one until he’s fully recovered. Jimmy isn’t happy about this, especially when the chick chooses his brand new shoes for a nest! Soon the entire class is in on the secret, but they all promise not to reveal anything… he’s such a cute little bird!moreless
    • Okuni for President
      The Principal tells the students that an election for class leader will soon take place… no ordinary event, this happening is known as a Ninjalection. In this case, the most ingenious candidate gets the most votes… Thus begins a battle for votes between two candidates: on one side Ami (with Tetsuo and Yota in league as campaign managers), and on the other, Okuni, (supported by Eizan and Jimmy). The Principal keeps an eye on their adventures as the two girls vie with each other for vote. And the winner is… ?moreless
    • The Lost Treasure
      Zumichito tells our three heroes the story of one of his epic adventures. At the time he was a young ninja and a Katana student stole the Jade Dragon from him, a priceless treasure that he was guarding. Just as he’d managed to get the treasure back off the thief – who had taken refuge on a boat on Lake Akayama – a huge monster of a fish attacked them. Zumi had no choice but to abandon the Dragon so as to save his adversary from drowning. Since that day, the treasure has lain at the bottom of the lake.moreless
    • The Old Master
      The Old Master
      Episode 1
      Great Master Otomo is visiting Shuriken School, and holds a conference about the ancient art of eating rice balls. The class is bored silly and the Principal watches Otomo gulp down one rice ball after the other with suspicion. When Otomo sees that neither class nor teachers are interested, he announces that a Great Philosopher living up in the mountain above the town handed on this precious knowledge, which has enabled the hermit-philosopher to live over 300 years!moreless
  • Season 1