Shuriken School

Season 2 Episode 3

Okuni for President

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Mar 21, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Okuni for President
The Principal tells the students that an election for class leader will soon take place… no ordinary event, this happening is known as a Ninjalection. In this case, the most ingenious candidate gets the most votes… Thus begins a battle for votes between two candidates: on one side Ami (with Tetsuo and Yota in league as campaign managers), and on the other, Okuni, (supported by Eizan and Jimmy). The Principal keeps an eye on their adventures as the two girls vie with each other for vote. And the winner is… ?moreless
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      • Eizan: We'll be managers.
        Jimmy: Campaign managers? What do they do?
        Eizan: Cause mischieve and sabotage the other person's campaign.

      • Okuni: You're suppose to be my friend.
        Eizan: But how can we turn down free cookies?

      • (Eizan and Jimmy drinking puch in Amy's campaign room)
        Okuni: Traitors!
        (Eizan and Jimmy spits our punch. They see Okuni's angry face and freak out)
        Okuni: (Walking towards them) I can't believe that you of all people would be here.
        Eizan: Okuni! It''s not what it loks like. (hides cup of punch and laughs)
        Jimmy: Yea. that's right. It might seem that we are having a blast while we partaken this delicious punch and cookies. But inside, we're hating ourselves.
        (Okuni looks at them disbelievingly. Eizan and Jimmy go red with embarrassment)
        Jimmy: Not buying it huh?

      • (All the shuriken kids running towards Amy's campaign)
        Shuriken kids: Oo! Punch and cookies!(runs out of the room)
        Jimmy: (planning to run out) Woo! Punch and cookies. Yea let's dance.
        Eizan: (Pulls Jimmy back) We can't leave. She's our friend.

      • (at a room where Okuni gives a speech what she was going to do if she became president)
        Okuni: And in addition, I would like to say that (shows students listening to her falling asleep. Jimmy and Eizan are trying to stay awake) I have a dream. I have a dream of expanded libary hours, of a greater selection of books of the ninja arts. Of finally adapting to the doing decimal system. But that's not all.
        (shows Daisuke falling from his chair sleeping. Then to Choki who is already asleep.)
        Jimmy: (trying to stay awake) Yea, I have a dream too-that one day this speech will end.

      • Daisuke: Of course, you're so cute when you're angry. When you're angry a lot, you might just get my vote.

      • Eizan: I wondered why the principal call in an assemble.
        Jimmy: Man. It's probably just another boring earthquake drill or something. Choki has the right idea. (shows Choki) He's here and asleep all at once.

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