Shuriken School

Season 2 Episode 5

Phantom of the Kabuki

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM May 10, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Phantom of the Kabuki
Kubo is in seventh heaven: Kabuki is getting closer, and for several years now, he has been the director. This year, he’s decided to pull the roles out of a hat, and the main role ends up going to Eizan…to his great despair! When it comes to getting up on stage, Eizan falls to pieces, especially knowing half the town will come and watch the show! Rehearsals begin but the play is sabotaged by a mysterious ghost who turns the stage upside down!moreless
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  • Totally Hilarious!

    At first, when i saw this episode for the first time, i thought maybe the 'phatom' was none other than Naginata. Why? He despises i Eizan and probably was sent by the Principal of Katana School to destroy their play. Who knew it was Pig? I thought the most hilarious prt was during the play. How Okuni and Jimmy tries to improvise. for example:

    Jimmy: The baby turned out to be the dragon lady's son!

    lol! i laughed like mad at that prt. Jimmy came out with stupidest idea but i totally loved it. In the end, Pig and Eizan shook hands and made peace. this is the best play i had ever watched!moreless

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    • Eizan:You know how clumsy I am some times
      Jimmy:Dog, do I ever! Remeber that time when you fell down the stairs (shows Eizan tripping and falling down the stairs)
      Eizan:(looks annoyed)
      Jimmy:Or...or that time you fell up the stairs (shows Eizan tripping and falling upstairs)I didn't even know that was possible! (Eizan looking annoyed and sweatdrop) Or that time you got caught in that revolving door. (Eizan screaming while revolving door turns) Man! Or..or that time you tried to help with the birthday cake (shows Eizan trying to help Jimmy and Okuni but in the end pushes the plate with birthday cake on top and the birthday cake fell on Vlad. Pig feeds Vlad his birthday cake) Man, Vlad was cleaning out cake on his beard and mostache for month! (Jimmy laughs)Oo, oh, wait remember that time you...
      Okuni: (angrily shouting) Jimmy!

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