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  • sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks

    omg why does everyone like shruiken school and kappa mikey, they are terrible ripoffs of animae and I hope everyone who watches them dies of a horrible disease
  • Not worth it.

    Shurkien School is about three 10-year-olds with stereotypical personalities. When they are not fighting the Kanta school, they are doing juveille stuff that gets them in trouble. There is a small old wise man to guild them. There is also a short guy w/ glasses who gives out test. The art, plot, and voice acting are bad. And to make things worse, it is meant for kids. For a teaching series, Shurkien School leaves a lot to be desired. I am glad it on a very late time slot so no-one will ever watch it.

    re you kidding, Nickelodeon? Why put this garbage on the air? Before watching this, I thought ChalkZone had the worst art design ever (this show sucks too), but after seeing this, Shuriken Scool takes the cake! The art design is the worst I've ever seen, PERIOD. The jokes are just toilet humor, mainly fart, butt, and crotch jokes! I'm not impressed! The voice acting is mainly just horrendous, it's just mainly the characters screaming their lungs out! I'd rather watch the Ben Lyon's review on how much he loves Paul Blart: Mall Cop without even getting up to use the bathroom, get something to eat or drink, no nothing than watch this pile of vomit! Not to mention with the art design, why do the other people look like animals while the three main characters look like potatos with raisini eyes and marshellow boides? Speaking of which, their names are Elizan, Okuni and Jimmy B (those the worst names ever for any cartoon character Seriously, did their parents HATE them when they were coming up with names? Geez, the writers have higher skills than Please avoid this show and go watch something better.
  • I like the idea of a kids going to a ninja school. I liked it, when they did it on Naruto! Hate it on this show.

    This is a total rip-off of Naruto. First off, ya got the ninja school, okay, that could be done in any show really. But then theres the characters. Eizan, well, he isn't much like Naruto, minus the main character thing, except for the fact the he wanted to learn the Blinding Sphere thing. Seems like the Spiraling Sphere (Rasengan) Naruto uses.
    Then you got Okuni and Jimmy, Okuni being Sakura's clone, and Jimmy being Sasuke's.
    Then theres the lesser characters. A few of them are exactly like Naruto's lesser main characters.
    Then the teachers, they're like Kakashi, Kurenai, and Asuma alittle.
    And the principals of the schools, well, Katana schools is like Akatsuki Leader, and Orochimaru. While the Principal of Shuriken is alittle like Sarutobi, a.k.a The Third Hokage, Jaraiya, and Tsunade.

    As for the show itself, it does have a few, but very few, interesting plotlines. Mainly taken from Naruto.

    So I give it a 1 out of 10, because of how much its like Naruto. Thats the only thing that saved it.
  • Great show.

    Shurikan School is an amazing show but unappreciated. I love this show and I don't know how other people don't. I'm not Japenese or anthing but I love this show. It's my second favorite show behind Avatar. My favorite character is Eizen. If anybody loves action-adventure animation shows than they'll definatly love this show. I told my friend about he said he hated it. I don't know why he doesn't he loves Avatar (because I got him into it) and that's like the same as this show but in my mind Avatar is better for me. This show is very unappreciated.
  • I kinda liked it, so what?

    Coincidentally, I was writing this review when the show just started! Anyway. I just overheard my younger sister's friend (in the phone)liked this show. So, we tried to watch it (me and my siblings). My first impressions are; not funny and made by Canadians (they usually make cheap shows!), and I thought the main characters don't have Japanese names (I haven't heard Eizan is a Japanese name, neither does Okuni's last name, Dohan.) with the exception of Jimmy, he's obviously an American, that was when i saw the commercial. Now, we watched it, turns out to be... not bad! I didn't remember the first episode I watched, but it was pretty entertaining, and it didn't remind me that "This was inspired from Naruto?". That is until I saw the ratings in... Never mind! I was pretty low, as low as my most hated movie! And there is the comment that started it all, it says it's also a Mucha Lucha Rip-Off! Of course, I didn't agree, nor disagree. No choice! No matter! Indeed, the animation can be cheap, but the characters are cute (for some reason). I gave it an 8, why? I think this show is good, what about it? At least it's Anime-influenced! The .5? Because one of my fave characters is in it! The missing .5 is for those weird flaws in the show (not to mention in the official website too!) and some lame plots, i didn't appreciate it! But no matter how you Naruto fans think of this as a rip-off! I still think it's good, and you can't stop us Shuriken School fans! By the way, I think the show has similarities with "Ninja Boy Rantaro". It's an anime that focuses on 3 boys' ninja (all boys) school life. And yes, their principal is also short and old, not to mention they have a "school animal", a cat.
  • i used to hate it, now i think its awesome

    Well, the movie was out on disney a pretty long time ago. i didnt bother watching it though. I thought it would have cheesy fighting(which is kinda true) and lame comedies( but i guess i was proven wrong ^^). But i have to say that the movie was pretty great. Not exactly the best movie but still it was very entertaining. From then on, i strted watching shuriken school and i think it was simply marvelous. Whatever people say, i dont really care. I just pity this show. Even though they used some parts of an episode as use it for another i still think its totally awesome. 10 'cos well, its on my no. 1 fav show list. and i'll try to avoid 'photo day' or whatever that episode is called XD
  • Its Good.

    just because its a rip off of naruto doesnt mean that it cant be good.i think the show would be better if it had more action and not so much try to be funny jokes.the jokes they tell arent even funny but i guess the shows worth a look at least.they need to start showing the new episodes and bring it bacik to nick or make it more actiony like a said and start airing it on cartoonnetwork because they would never show it on there the way it is now. i really think mre people should giove this show a chance tho. 7/10
  • Its alright for starters

    I mean its totally alright. i don't watch Naruto and all so i don't really care. its kinda cute actually. although there a ALOT of flaws in it, its kinda nice. Especially the movie. The movie may actually encourage Shuriken school haters to like the show a little bit more. But i doubt they will make more episodes after movie. too little viewers. i juz wanna tell ppl reading this review, its ok if u hate shuriken school. Its kinda boring but totally cute and funny. great for ninja lovers. But do me just one favour. Watch the movie, pleaseeeeeee! for me :) it is really awesome!
  • Bland Naruto wannabe with characters that look like 1970's Hanna Barabra cartoons but less square, less likable, and not even funny.

    I don't know what this show's intended audience is, Naruto fans maybe? Right from the beginning I will give credit that the character designs are somewhat original or wait, they're not, they look like they were pulled from a random birthday card! The plots are silly and sometimes the dialogue makes you feel like your watching a bad anime dubbed by 4kids. "We'll use wallrun to avoid the sudds!", save it for the video game kid, it'll have more logic there. The only character that even looks somewhat decent is the short old monk. Watch this disaster if you wish (and yes I've watched it) but in my opinion you should just stick to actual anime.
  • Actually very good considering that it's an American cartoon.

    I'll be completely honest. Before I watched an episode seriously, I bashed on the show a lot, and I mean a lot. However, I decided to give it a chance because I felt that I was being unfair to it.

    I like Shuriken School now. I tend to like things with ninjas in it. I never expected it to be like Naruto either, so it's not a Naruto rip-off.
    Shuriken School has a cute art style, and is pretty much just a cute show in general. It's not bad, but I'll say that it's not a show for people who don't like kid's shows. I find it pretty easy to understand, and the scenarios in each episode are brisk and funny. Others may not agree with me, but the show has potential in it. All in all, what I'm trying to say is 'Give This Show a Chance'. I think that it deserves that much.
  • What the hell is this?

    This show is ridiculous. I don't like it at all. I don't watch Naruto, people say Shuriken School is just like that. But this show is just plain horrible, and nothing else.

    Mildly interesting- I would say that. This show makes you want to change the channel.

    Why did I watch that?- Exactly, why did I watch that? Because there was nothing else good in the channels and this was my last resort? I guess so.

    I don't get it- Neither do I. Why did they show this?

    Who thought of this?- Some bum who thinks he can amuse us with this crap.

    Anyway, I'm done ranting.
  • Is about a ninja school with different types of students.

    Shuriken School is a Japanese Ninja series with a contemporary twist. It features a school for Ninjas where finances are in desperately short supply. The equipment is appalling and the staff have to think up innovative teaching methods to occupy the young Ninjas’ thirst for knowledge. At Shuriken School, you are taught that good Ninjas must be able to defend themselves with whatever is at hand – be it a yoyo, a ruler or a mobile phone! Shuriken School is 26 x 26 minute series with a 50:50 split between action and comedy
  • This show sounds interesting because Nathan Kress and Jessica DiCicco are in it.

    That's all I have to say about it. I'm trying to find the theme song and I can never get it. That sucks. And what sucks even more is that I don't have Nicktoons Network! :( And this show NEEDS to come on Nickelodeon. I could come on a new Friday Night Nicktoons block. Anyway, this show does sound pretty interesting. That's all I have to say for now. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • American Cartoon With Elements Borrowed From Anime

    I stumbled onto this the other day on the nicktoons network while browsing the TV guide. Seeing the word "Shuriken" in a nickelodeon cartoon, I was expecting to see some cheap rip off from an anime, which is seemingly to appear more and more, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    The art style is more American, but they use anime expressions and themes. (Ninjas, girls in sailor school uniforms, etc) The voice acting is very nice, which is something rare to find in any English cartoon/English dubbed anime. While it does remind me of other titles, the story line and episode writing is pretty good.

    If you're a big Anime fan that doesn't give anything Japanese themed that wasn't made in japan a chance, you won't like it. If that doesn't bother you, it's a real cute children's show that kids and adults alike can enjoy.

    Also, the theme song is very, very catchy.
  • It may be for 10 year olds, but it's more than just slightly addicting...

    Yes, it's a little immature, odd, and downright boring when compaired to other ninja shows like Samuri Jack or the more famous Naruto, (and it's definately less violent,) but it's perfect for kids. It's got the foreboding either of these two shows would have, Mock-danger and rivalry with Katana school, and it's conveniently set in modern times, so it's more appealing to the average child. But for some reason, even though this show caters to small kids, I find this show addicting.

    You heard me, addicting. the plotlines may be random, false, generally dumbed down so a kid could understand it and very, very cheezy, but it's fun to watch and has an odd appeal to kids interested in the show. Don't count "Shuriken School" off your list of shows to check out before you watch and decide for yourself whether it's worth watching or not; you may be surprised at what you find.
  • Shurikan School is awesome.

    Shurikan School is an amazing show but unappreciated. I love this show and I don't know how other people don't. I'm not Japenese or anthing but I love this show. It's my second favorite show behind Avatar. My favorite character is Eizen. If anybody loves action-adventure animation shows than they'll definatly love this show. I told my friend about he said he hated it. I don't know why he dosen't he loves Avatar (because I got him into it) and that's like the same as this show but in my mind Avatar is better for me. This show is unappreciated.
  • Simple art style, great characters.. a simple yet enjoyable pleasure. Well written, and that mild humour that is enough to attract you. Join Eizan, Okuni and Jimmy on their misadventures at Shuriken School, a school of Ninjitsu.

    The show is a simple, mild humour show which is enough to attract you, the way even the fights are handled in such basics is so entertaining. The characters are entertaining and enjoyable to watch, Eizan, Okuni and Jimmy; being the main are the three followed throughout the adventures; although the more entertaining characters tend to be the minor characters, such as Ami and Daisuke.

    Often compared to popular manga and anime, Naruto; although the basic concept is similar; the fact they are at a ninja school- it is extremely different with the whole simplistic style of Shuriken School. Shuriken School is more for a simple laugh; or if you enjoy chibi characters then Shuriken School is for you.
    Simple stories, simple art style, simple characters; all a nice bundle when you want to pass the time without being bored.

  • Really like this show. Watch it almost everytime I can.

    Shuriken School is about a group of friends that goto a school for ninjas. They get into all sorts of stuff. Just about all da episodes are funny espicially the episode when dat little boy came to there school and got on everyones nerves. Dis show has interesting and funny characters like Ami or Daisuke. Shuriken Schoo waz kinda hard for me to get into at first cuz it was annoyin but I guess I grew into it. This and Avatar: The Last Airbender are the only showz I watch on Nick cuz everythin else is stupid and makes no sense...I mean come on Mr. Meaty!!!!WHAT!!!!!!!
  • I really like Shuriken School. I like the whole ninja theme. It’s also quite funny. The characters have cool names and interesting personalities. The drawings are so cute. Overall, it’s a good show to watch on a Saturday morning.

    I really like Shuriken School its one of those cartoons that are predictable, but also entertaining at the same time. I like the whole ninja theme. It’s also quite funny. The characters have cool names (e.g. Kubo, Choki, Okuni and my favourite is Eizan). They also have interesting personalities, like Jimmy B. The drawings are so cute my favourites are Choki and the Principal. Choki is really cute with his Mohawk and his always asleep (ahh); it’s a bit weird that he doesn’t have a nose or mouth. The Principal is so small and sweet his also a bit crafty (sleeping ninja stealing everything). Some of the episodes are predictable, but it’s a good show to watch on a Saturday morning.

    Ey Ey Ey! What the hell is this! A rip off of Naruto! Horrible! I mean i just watched one episode of it and it is utterly bad! Not even close to the greatness of Naruto. Not just that, they didn't even try to make it a decent ripoff, like ttly spies and Yin Yang Yo are ripoffs yet they are good! Anyways, the art style lacks the feeling of anime nor american anime nor any art style and the Flash animation does not really work for a western anime. Look Nick, i know that there's a war going on between you Cn and Disney but when you try to rip off a show, TRY!!!!
  • Famous people apearences—or famous carttoon apaerences!

    Famous people apearences—or famous carttoon apaerences!what i mean is, one of the students looks like sailor moon from sailor moon, the mane girl character okuni looks like irma from w.i.t.c.h., jimmy b. looks alot like broch from pokemon...strange, strange, strange all very strange... isn't it? I sure think so even if you don't!!It isn't all that great...but it sorta cute! The drawings that is. I like to draw and stuff like that so, I am sorta an arty type-person and all so I sort of understand what cute means in this kind of context. oooh! forgot to fini my homework! goota run! bye!
  • What the.......the animation is HORRIBLE!! But I do like the concept.

    SS or Shuriken School as I would say is more like a one dimensional anime(pretty easy for anime as I would say) However it is drawn poorly and their faces ain't matching from real life people. It's more like babies in a Halloween costume for crying out loud. However their characteristics are superb and the storylines are interesting when I watched the first episode I was shocked at how a really bad drawn show could have a great plot to it. Fun to watch when bored.
  • Completely abysmal attempt of TV...

    A completely uninspired attempt by Nickelodeon to fill air space with new shows that are clearly not worth the tape they are recorded on. Nick needs to learn that viewers arent stupid and by broadcasting shows that are, they force us to scrounge around in a flurry to find the remote as fast as possible. We need shows that step up and redesign the mold ala The Fairly Odd Parents, but they serve up shows that not only fail to meet this mark but are cheap ripoffs of anime.

    Its the old days of the early 90s when Nickelodeon ruled supreme with shows like The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Rockos Modern Life, Are You Afraid of the Dark? & Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. But that just shows how old I am, but still I regret that the quality of these shows has yet to be shown in Nicks more recent schedule. However, I digress, this show takes the cake though, for the total disregard of viewers by serving this poor attempt of TV it deserves a total zero, but in consideration of the mildly entertaining fight scenes (ignoring the plot all together) the lowest I can bring myself to give it is a 3...
  • Do I smell a rip-off of Naruto?

    This is nick's sad try to beat out cartoon network. With a copy of one of their animes. I know Nartuo is not made by cartoon network, but they show it. And Nick wants to beat that. But their version is lamer then golf on sunday. So if you like Nartuo, you would be better of not watching this.
  • I dunno... it just doesn't do it for me.

    (Please note, this review is subject to change, as I will be attempting to try more episodes of this show to better understand some of the content)

    When I first read about Shuriken School in a Nick magazine, I was definitely skeptical at first. Another new show that Nickelodeon threw at us out of the blue, just like Martin Mystery and My Dad the Rock Star. Given that track record, I should have just ignored it all together. But I chose to stick true to my policy of watching at least one whole episode of a show before rating/reviewing. Finally, I got the chance to watch it.


    I have mixed feelings about this show... I didn't exactly enjoy myself while watching it, but I didn't really despise it either. Why?

    Well, for one thing, I had a few issues with the characters "personalities" or lack thereof. Somehow, sitting there watching it, I just couldn't get into the characters, or relate to them, or really get why they did what they did. I could spend all day trying to write personality descriptions for each of the characters and not get a single word down on the page, other than maybe something about their interests. They all seemed to act the same, somehow. It's kind of hard to write out and explain, but if you watch the show and pay attention to the characters, you might see what I mean. I'm not sure if this should be blamed on the fact that Nickelodeon gave us little or no information about this show before it aired, or if it's the fault of the writing. It's a little of both, I guess. Which leads my to my next point.

    That point being, the level of seriousness and the style of storytelling is hard to dictate. It would be much easier for me write this review if I knew what level of seriousness is supposed to be employed. Let me try to explain by comparing it to other Nicktoons: Is it just there for pure entertainment and comedy purposes like say, The X's (for lack of a better example)? Or is it supposed to demonstrate a certain amount of depth in the plotline and characters like, lets say, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Again, this could be either the fault of Nickelodeon for not simply giving us more information, or it could be a serious error on the creators part. Only time will tell.

    Remaining on the plotline, writing, and dialogue point, I have to say: I don't think I got a single chuckle out while watching this show; it could be just me, but I didn't find the jokes to be very funny.

    However, I found the voice acting and the dialogue to be satisfactory. It's not exactly the kind that I'd expect from a show about Ninjas, but hey, different things are often the best. Lastly, we reach the animation. There were certainly somethings that bothered me here. The animation for the most part was smooth and the action scenes were well layed out, but theres something about the style the people are drawn in that rubs me the wrong way. But the main thing that irked me on the animation front was the overuse and abuse of the "anime" style emotions in the drawing. Don't get me wrong, I love these sort of expressions, and I enjoy many authentic anime and Anime style shows that use these sort of expressions, but I really felt that they were used too frequently here. Even most actual japanese Anime shows don't use these expressions as often as Shuriken School does. It got to the point where it was pretty much annoying. Plus, the lip movements were really... well, off. I'm guessing this is because English probably wasn't the original language layed out for the show (And trust me, I've seen enough Japanese made shows to understand that; but this had a little something extra going on.)

    So for overall reccomendations and lo-down, Shuriken School: definitely not the greatest show out there, but there are certainly worse things you could be watching on TV. I think people who enjoy shows like Teen Titans and Danny Phantom will enjoy this (Not that I don't like those shows). As for me, I'll stick with Naruto to get my fill of Ninja goodness ;)
  • At least this show beats all of the new Nicktoons that are keep appearing onto the new schudule.

    Shuriken School was first aired in Canada on YTV and has now fully grown onto Nickelodeon. This show is about a new student who is enjoying his new ninja school while meeting new friends and learning some valuable secrets deep inside and outside of the place.

    Created by a French Animation Company , Shuriken School is although a piece of Naruto ripped apart , there's some differences between the two shows besides the fact that both of them have ninja characters on their shows. I first wanted to count on the bad details on this show that it will fail like the unreleantful Mr. Meaty or the medicore Kappa Mikey but I was wrong. This show is decent for those that don't know about one thing. Only 2 episodes have been aired and the 3rd one will be appearing today so this is perhaps the only good new Nicktoons that are airing now... expect for Avatar but I really don't bother with the show that much.

    Overall , there can be some fine tuning on this show but it's decent enough on what it is... A 6.0 out of 10.0