Shuriken School

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)


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  • I kinda liked it, so what?

    Coincidentally, I was writing this review when the show just started! Anyway. I just overheard my younger sister's friend (in the phone)liked this show. So, we tried to watch it (me and my siblings). My first impressions are; not funny and made by Canadians (they usually make cheap shows!), and I thought the main characters don't have Japanese names (I haven't heard Eizan is a Japanese name, neither does Okuni's last name, Dohan.) with the exception of Jimmy, he's obviously an American, that was when i saw the commercial. Now, we watched it, turns out to be... not bad! I didn't remember the first episode I watched, but it was pretty entertaining, and it didn't remind me that "This was inspired from Naruto?". That is until I saw the ratings in... Never mind! I was pretty low, as low as my most hated movie! And there is the comment that started it all, it says it's also a Mucha Lucha Rip-Off! Of course, I didn't agree, nor disagree. No choice! No matter! Indeed, the animation can be cheap, but the characters are cute (for some reason). I gave it an 8, why? I think this show is good, what about it? At least it's Anime-influenced! The .5? Because one of my fave characters is in it! The missing .5 is for those weird flaws in the show (not to mention in the official website too!) and some lame plots, i didn't appreciate it! But no matter how you Naruto fans think of this as a rip-off! I still think it's good, and you can't stop us Shuriken School fans! By the way, I think the show has similarities with "Ninja Boy Rantaro". It's an anime that focuses on 3 boys' ninja (all boys) school life. And yes, their principal is also short and old, not to mention they have a "school animal", a cat.