Shuriken School

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)


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  • Not worth it.

    Shurkien School is about three 10-year-olds with stereotypical personalities. When they are not fighting the Kanta school, they are doing juveille stuff that gets them in trouble. There is a small old wise man to guild them. There is also a short guy w/ glasses who gives out test. The art, plot, and voice acting are bad. And to make things worse, it is meant for kids. For a teaching series, Shurkien School leaves a lot to be desired. I am glad it on a very late time slot so no-one will ever watch it.

    re you kidding, Nickelodeon? Why put this garbage on the air? Before watching this, I thought ChalkZone had the worst art design ever (this show sucks too), but after seeing this, Shuriken Scool takes the cake! The art design is the worst I've ever seen, PERIOD. The jokes are just toilet humor, mainly fart, butt, and crotch jokes! I'm not impressed! The voice acting is mainly just horrendous, it's just mainly the characters screaming their lungs out! I'd rather watch the Ben Lyon's review on how much he loves Paul Blart: Mall Cop without even getting up to use the bathroom, get something to eat or drink, no nothing than watch this pile of vomit! Not to mention with the art design, why do the other people look like animals while the three main characters look like potatos with raisini eyes and marshellow boides? Speaking of which, their names are Elizan, Okuni and Jimmy B (those the worst names ever for any cartoon character Seriously, did their parents HATE them when they were coming up with names? Geez, the writers have higher skills than Please avoid this show and go watch something better.