Shuriken School

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)


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  • i used to hate it, now i think its awesome

    Well, the movie was out on disney a pretty long time ago. i didnt bother watching it though. I thought it would have cheesy fighting(which is kinda true) and lame comedies( but i guess i was proven wrong ^^). But i have to say that the movie was pretty great. Not exactly the best movie but still it was very entertaining. From then on, i strted watching shuriken school and i think it was simply marvelous. Whatever people say, i dont really care. I just pity this show. Even though they used some parts of an episode as use it for another i still think its totally awesome. 10 'cos well, its on my no. 1 fav show list. and i'll try to avoid 'photo day' or whatever that episode is called XD