A Siberia Community
Monday 10:00 PM on NBC
We're walking, we're walking...

That basically sums it up. The groups did a little bit of climbing, and a little bit of burying, but mostly they walked a whole lot.

That's not to say that nothing happened while they were walking. First we found out the fate of Natalie. Yay! I knew her simply leaving in the helicopter hospital was too convenient.

I missed neither Irene nor Miljan. Irene has been kind of boring since she went from Zen archer to wounded dove. Miljan, a little goes a long way and a week or two off wouldn't hurt.

As I noted elsewhere, one thing you have to say about the mostly unknown actors on Siberia. They put everything they've go into acting, bless their little hearts. Sabina's speech was well done, Sam acting as the "go on without me" martyr was good, Johnny was appropriately desperate, Daniel was frustrated with everyone thinking he can do anything. Annie still isn't doing much for me, but Esther seems to be in that confused place where she's trying to redeem herself even though she was the one who freed Miljan in the first place (right?). Neeko came across as vaguely sympathetic, even if his insistence that they rely on the producers is getting a little old. Joyce still seems to be the weak link. They seem to have run out of things to do with her now that she's been revealed as the mole.

Major plot points this week were the manner of Natalie's death, the electrified whatever-the-heck it is tower, and the Russian science center. And the mysterious fog, I suppose.

Nice cinematography on the cross-country trek.

Has anyone seen Siberia creator Matthew Arnold's movie, The Shadow People? I'll have to see if I can find it, and it seems to have a few mild similarities to Siberia. If I can, I'll toss in a review here.
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