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As we reach the halfway point in the first (last?) season), this episode was cold. Very cold. It looked cold. Like "The Grey"/Liam Neeson cold. Poor Sam in particularly looked like he was turning into ice even before he got frostbite. Afterward... ugh, a pretty graphic representation (for network TV) of frostbite. Either that, or frostbite is just naturally creepy.

Only one bizarre supernatural occurrence this week, but that was a doozy: summer turns into snow overnight. Fallout from the blast and the green sky, or did they shift through time? Or did time shift back around them?

The directors (two of them-did they split the filming between the two groups?) nicely captured the difference between the group struggling to survive in the wilderness, and the relatively comfortable group back at camp. It'll be even more effective in a week or so the two groups trade positions, comfort-wise (according to the press releases).

Natalie is still MIA. Shouldn't she have been on the helicopter judging by the onscreen timing? Assuming she got onto it.

On the personality-development front, Daniel sticks by his friend, Sam is very self-sacrificing. Annie gets a non-believer in God moment. I liked Irene's idea that they were seeing evidence of God.

After becoming kind of a good person last week, Esther turns back to the dark side as a result of blackmail and Irene turning her back on her when she tried to apologize. Miljan continues his descent into wackiness. Neeko is still kind of a jerk, and Sabina is showing her survival skills.

Overall, I'd give this one an eight. There's a neat "we're doomed" feel to the first group, and a bit of story-building with the second group.
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