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Miljan: Nothing happens here by accident. Everything happens for a reason.

I think we all agree with that. Clearly there's an end game here. But I'm not convinced that it's going to add up to more than a cliffhanger for an aborted one-season series with a lot of unanswered questions.

But there's another article discussion thread here about that. Let's look at what we've got here.

The traveling group got settled in at the research center. The exploration of the base was an odd combination of suspense, investigation, and disinterest. Yes, them moving around in the dark and slowly making progress to getting the power on and access to the computers was kind of spooky and interesting. But there were a lot of unanswered questions that it seems like the characters should be asking. Like... how did all the staff members die? Why was there a relatively modern computer but a World War II radio set? I get that survival is a priority, but you'd think at least one of them would address the camera and wonder about it, rather than recording a "I'm still on a game show" personal moment.

With only two episodes left, I hope they drop those "I'm still on a game show" personal moments, like the montage at the end. They made sense when they thought they were still in a game show, but let's move it along now. Two episodes left, remember?

Back at the settlement, Miljan returns and is whackier than ever. Now he's hearing voices in his head. Is it some kind of psychic transmission, or is he just nuts and hearing voices in his head like TV nutty people always do? And why would the Evenki tell him to hand over Irene but not take him, and just wait to get him and the others later?

We find out that Neeko was a jerk after all. When Miljan correctly calls you on it, dude, you are legitimately a jerk.

Are we friends now? Should we get coffee and discuss my book content with you?

Other then that, the settlement angle didn't really go anywhere. Again, a lot of spooky stuff like the torches going out one at a time. And we finally see the Evenki, who look surprisingly modern for nomads dating back to at least 1927. They sure looked human to me.

It's not a human. Or an animal. Whatever we do tonight, we're dead.

So it looks like everything is coming together. But we've got lots and lots of clues, and they seem to be painting themselves into a "Well, we haven't explained everything but tune in next season that we won't have to see how it all pays off." corner. But at least it's interesting enough that I want to see the payoff.
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