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Welcome to the latest round of TV.com's "This vs. That," where we pit two things against one another and you vote on which one should win... in whatever context you choose. Our newest match-up features two shows that, before they premiered earlier this summer, appeared to share little more than some unexplained supernatural phenomena and a Monday-at-10pm timeslot: CBS's much-hyped Stephen King adaptation Under the Dome, and NBC's barely mentioned, faux-reality horror drama Siberia. But here we are a couple months later, and both shows have weird stuff going on in the woods! Both shows have surprised us, if only a little, in terms of how good (or bad) they turned out to be (relative to our expectations, anyway)! Both shows take place in environments where precipitation acts totally wacky! Both shows have a husky bald-headed dude in their cast! 

Anyway, last week, TV.com user Gislef awesomely and very thoughtfully compared the two series using a number of criteria, and his "Which show is better?" verdict was equal parts surprising and... not. But I just couldn't resist the urge to "officially" name one show superior via a trusty, vote-using-whatever-logic-you-like throwdown. And with that, dear readers, I implore you to please weigh in:

Show your work in the comments!

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Ed. note: If there's a specific battle you'd like to see, send it via PM to TVcom_editorial, via Twitter to @tvdotcom, or via email to mailbag@tv.com. (And thanks to those of you who've already submitted ideas!)

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