A Siberia Community
Monday 10:00 PM on NBC

Maybe you're getting your summer sci-fi mystery fix from CBS's Under the Dome, or maybe you're like me and you want even more. Leave it to good old NBC to stay on top of the current trend, which the network is doing with the summer series Siberia, a fictionalized reality show that might feature monsters, murder, and mayhem. As the series begins, 16 contestants head north to an old meteor crash site where strange things start to happen.

To get word out that Siberia is coming—next Monday, in fact!—NBC has decided to post the first episode online and hope that social media does will take care of the rest. I've embedded the pilot below, so take a look and let us know what you think. What else are you going to do for the next 50 minutes anyway? Read about five-year-old fashion icons?  

Lest you forget when Siberia airs, here's an easy way to remember: For some absent-minded reason, NBC has scheduled Siberia, a sci-fi mystery limited-run summer series, on Monday nights at 10pm—directly opposite Under the Dome, a sci-fi mystery (possibly) limited-run summer series (that, as of last night, has a one-episode head start). 

Siberia premieres Monday, July 1 at 10pm.

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AIRED ON 9/16/2013

Season 1 : Episode 11