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Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 01, 2013 on NBC
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    Siberia Series Premiere Review: Hurry Up and Kill These People Already!

    NBC's silly new show could be fun... IF enough people die.

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    Sixteen contestants are dropped in the Siberian wilderness with no rules other than survival. They follow the designated path to an abandoned settlement where they will have to survive the winter just as the original residents did in 1908. However, the contestants soon discover that some of the challenges can be fatal.


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    • Wow! Incredible!

      As an avid reality show fan I was pretty excited by this concept. It's an interesting idea to do a scripted reality show, especially one with "no rules" and people dying! It is definitely an interesting concept!

      Was really stunned to see Esther Anderson on it there - having seen her on Home & Away here in Australia. I love that the contestants come from across the world, and I'm sure other people might recognise these other 'contestants' depending on their region.

      It was an interesting pilot. Looking forward to the next one, and I wonder if every contestant will stay, or if anyone will take the $5000 and leave.

      Disappointed that Berglind didn't make it in time - she seemed feisty!moreless

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      • Host: Sixteen total strangers before you, ready to take on the most extreme adventure ever created. In this real-life social experiment, there are no games, no votes. And above all else, no rules. They may do whatever they have to to win a $500,000 prize. The only way out is to forfeit and go home.

      • George: You know, I could start a fire back in the day. I thought I remembered better than I did. Sometimes I exaggerate or lie. Whatever.

      • Sam: When I get hungry, I get a little mean. I get a little ornery. And that's not a good thing.

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      • Victoria: We don't want a Lord of the Flies situation on our hands.
        Referencing the 1954 novel by William Golding about a group of young boys stranded on a desert island and forced to fend for themselves as they descend into savagery.

      • Tommy: It's not like The Flintstones where you do it and it just happens.
        Referencing the animated "modern stone age family" which first aired in 1960. The show revolved around Fred Flintstone, the patriarch of his family who, with his neighbor Barney and Barney's wife Betty, eventually got into a variety of family and suburban exploits. The show ran for six seasons and spawned multiple spinoff series, one animated theatrical feature, several TV specials, and two live-action theatrical movies.