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  • Put Siberia back on

    Bring back Siberia too, it kept me interested I think that was on before blacklist and both shows I loved I don't know why Siberia was cancelled and it was a crappy ending also. It was like a creepy show and weird things kept happening I don't understnd why some of these good shows get cancelled at least Blacklist was renewed
  • Siberia- There all

    There all actors this is one big false
  • Please renew!

    Really loved this show!

    Isn't there anyone alive and kicking some doors in to find out what the status is on this one?
  • Bring Siberia Back

    I just loved this show, we really need to bring it back.
  • Episodes 12 & 13

    RE:What Happened to Episodes 12 & 13?

    By Ryan_Hemingway, Oct 16, 2013

    I wonder if those episodes really did have a finale. And that NBC wanted some flexibility to extend the series; so they ended it with a lot of questions still unanswered by not airing the final 2 episodes?

  • Siberia - Amazing TV from a great creator

    Amazing show! Luckily things are looking good for a renewal.

    Don't listen to the naysayers, Siberia might've had its iffy moments, but overall, it's first season was AMAZING.

    It's also worth noting that Siberia was the FIRST independently produced TV shows, filmed completely without network funding.
  • Siberia - A Guilty Pleasure?

    I found this show subtly pleasant and fun, especially with & after rereading the posts, reviews and comments, quirky as it is/was, amusing and drawing a few more laughs on what is real or not real.
  • Its reality american show about Siberia. LOL.

    This reality russian show about Siberia. Youtube.


    PS. The show should be called Lost in Canada)))
  • What Happened to Episodes 12 & 13?

    nbc bought 13 episodes from the producers but only aired 11 of them. the show many think was "the finale" was not the finale at all... it was simply the last show nbc aired. this is why the so-called finale was so confusing with many loose ends. evidently nbc did not like the ratings and pulled the last 2 episodes for something else... what a bummer!
  • a very nice reality drama

    i start watching this drama ans just binge watched it, i like it very much,

    but one thing is y cameramen s are not bothered by all this situation? they dnt even get hurt, i really thnk they knw sumthng and they are with those scientist.

    they better should answer all question in season 2 patiently waitng for it!

    Among the worst survival reality whatever they want to call it type of show. Literary had to stop watching it after a few episodes it was almost torture.

  • This was the BEST show !!!

    I have been hooked since day one and somehow got my 12 yr old daughter hooked as well.

    We have both been glued each week to see what would happen next, real or not. We are both

    a little upset to be reading that this show might not return next season ??? Please DON'T do this

    to us !!!! The finale left us hanging and we NEED to know what will happen next. PLEASE don't

    cancel the show !!! Even if it's fake, it was done well enough to keep us on the edge waiting to see

    what was going to happen.
  • There's definitely something here...

    Even though I was hesitant to start watching the show, I eventually got to it when all but one episode of the season had already aired. This allowed me to do some skipping throughout the first episodes, but my need to do so faded as episodes progressed and the plot showed hints of originality and potential. The season finale left a lot of questions unanswered, but I hope that they can deliver a (perhaps more polished) second season in the future. They have an independent funding model after all, it really is an interesting project. There are some plot issues I have with the show, but for a large part is a series that I would return to for a second season.
  • Siberia A show ahead of its audience

    Most TV viewers wouldnt know where to find Siberia on a map. So a real mystery, based on real events of the Evenk ppl is way way over the brain dead viewer public. Yes its scripted, get over it! Whats sad is the avg American thinks the mysteries of Tungska R made up. WRONG! Whats the use? The American public thinks dance moms is fine art. Too bad, Siberia is like casting pearls b4 swine...
  • Oh the acting

    This might be the worst acting that I have ever seen.
  • This is a horrible show,

    I can't believe they had me believing it was a reality show. It is so dumb, the actors do the dumbest things. I can't be I watched it waiting for something to happen. They didn't prepare for winter. the camera men seem to have unlimited power for the cameras. I am really dumb
  • Love this show

    I wondered at first if it was real. I dont care that it isnt, it is still gripping with every episode. Monday night cant come fast enough.
  • Love!

    I thought it seemed so stupid! I started watching and finished all episodes available on On Demand this weekend! I love it!!
  • Siberian climate

    Siberia is a huge portion of Russia. Siberia is actually larger than the United States. It has all four seasons. Summer is short, winter is long. The weather in southern Siberia is relatively mild. The weather in northern Siberia is brutally cold. Insects in the summer, especially mosquitos, are a major problem. For the purpose of the show, lets suppose the folks were dropped off in central to southern Siberia in the middle of summer.
  • What Idiots!

    They don't make a litter to carry Sam in? They don't cover their hands to protect from frostbite?

    Well, they are actors, aren't they. And it isn't Siberia or they would be much colder, although I read about

    people who were sent to concentration camps in Siberia during WWII and some survived in spring clothes, no socks, light jackets, etc. Still, it seems common sense to try to make fire and find water from the start.

  • Pointless, but not moreso than anything else.

    I thought some of the contestants might be actors from the beginning. And that it wasn't really shot in Siberia - because isn't Siberia always cold? It seems to be set in the Poconos, during an Indian summer. But all reality shows are fake, right? I only researched the show after episode 6. I had been watching the shows hoping to guess who the actors were, and who were the contestants, but if the show is TOTALLY fake, that would mean no one will win any money, and there would be no point in watching. But the series got really fake at the end of episode 6, when the camera panned to reveal what one can only presume to be the Tunguska asteroid site - which is in Siberia - with all the trees knocked down in a radial pattern. But that's how it would have looked right after the asteroid hit, not today - AFTER ALL THIS TIME THE AREA WOULD BE REFORESTED! Here's a picture of the way the epicenter looked in 2008 . And there wouldn't have been another asteroid strike - also in Tunguska - since then! So the show is OBVIOUSLY real fake. Unless we're supposed to believe that everyone somehow travelled back in time to 1908.

    Another clue that it is fake, from the same episode, the "contestants" spotted a utility tower or antenna in the distance, who one of the actors states "is about 10 miles This is obviously false, since the antenna appears to be about 100-150 feet tall and within the forest that is in the immediate foreground, putting the tower about 1 mile away or less. Antennas or light towers are skinny, and would not be visible at all from 10 miles away, and would certainly not be protruding above trees that are in the foreground. And why is everyone so distraught when a group sets out for the antenna? You'd think they were being sent to Siberia!

    Something else that seems fake, from episode 4 I believe, is the leg injury experienced by the one Asian contestant. In episode 6 we see the injury for the first time, cleaned up and which seems realistic enough but it doesn't seem incapacitating. It's like a large mole biopsy yet the woman is confined to a bed, and from which she is sometimes delirious. Even if her lower leg has a fracture, I would expect that she could at least sit out with the others as they pose and eat mushrooms. Which is another fake thing. They seem not to be eating or drinking, instead being preoccupied with old things found in the surrounding woods. The lights in the sky were fake too, an effect for the TV audience only.

    But no matter now staged a reality show might be, I wouldn't have expected the camp set up for the camera guys and producers to be destroyed as part of the reality action, this seems to cross a line that is normally firmly maintained, but here the lines between real and unreal are crisscrossed. Everyone who might have been living at this camp, which would include the camera guys, was killed, as indicated by all the blood everywhereyet all the camera guys are still busy filming! Why not just have the camera guys film each other, or the actors film the camera guys. Why not just reverse everything? Are we simply watching an experiment, or are we part of it? At this point, it seems pointless to continue watching. Should there be a point? Maybe that's the point, that there is none.
  • This might be a great show if...

    This might be a great show if only two people were real contestants and the rest were actors
  • Wha?!

    The acting is horrible. The characters are unbelievable. The script is just dumb. That being said, I'm going to keep watching it, because I NEED to know what's behind the whole "mystery". :(
  • Poorly written, Poor acting ....

    I keep watching only in hopes it gets better but so far every episode ends with me shaking my head and asking " why am I watching this stupid show". Way too predictable. The locket so far is the only interesting twist. Isn't it really cold in Siberia? Oh, never forget your mascara (in your her pocket I'm guessing) when they say your going to be on a "reality show" and you only have what's on your back. How do they brush all that hair on those girls. Ok random pettiness on my party, but in general, bottom line this show is stupid and no where in the league of LOST.
  • I don't why but it's hilarious to watch!

    I always found reality shows quite boring, because nothing exciting ever happens. That's what the producers of the show probably thought, too (the real producers, not those of the fake show), and it turns out that scripted reality shows that wouldn't be possible unscripted are much more fun! And now that the show has taken some possibly supernatural plot twists, I'm hooked. The mystery part of the show is quite exciting, and I hope it doesn't get cancelled! But even I have to admit that one season is probably enough.
  • Hahaha

    This I don't even know what to think anymore. It's a 'fake reality' show where our contestants must survive in Siberia. Some other stuff happens and shit hits the fan. I don't know why, but I love it. I think I might slowly be going insane, but this show is awesome!
  • Horrible

    Fellow Stupid Tube Viewers,

    I feel like a sucker for watching this crap. I got suckered into thinking that the show was about group survival. Instead, this is nothing but a stupid outdoors soap opera.

    This mess is misrepresented as a "reality" show ... I just wasted 60 minutes of time that I can never get back.

  • Love it

    I really love this show. I'm totally hooked.
  • Siboring

    This show is probably one of the worst I have ever watched. Not interesting in the slightest. There is more enjoyment watching the timer on my dryer count down 45 minutes. Watch at your own risk (common side effects include boredom)
  • just plain stupid

    No its not watched first episode then the 2nd hoping it would get better. it just sucks very stupid!! oh my a dead gutted Siberian tiger in the woods?? yeah right its ridiculous!! I think honey boo boo would be far more realistic if I liked that kind of tv but I don't.. and please supernatural effects!! give me a break you people don't know good programing if it hit you in the flash their will not be another season it just too stupid of a show
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