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Sid the Science Kid
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AIRED ON 8/10/2012

Season 2 : Episode 35

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Meet Sid, an inquisitive preschooler who uses scientific principles to help satisfy his curiosity about the world around him. Produced by the Jim Henson Company, this series takes the classic puppetry style of the Muppets and uses motion-capture technology to create virtual puppet characters.
  • Everything isn't for everybody...

    I didn't really care for the show the first time I saw it. I guess I'm kind of "old school" in that way. But my daughter has LOVED Sid since she first saw the theme song. Now she's 20 months old and this is only cartoon that she's drawn to. I've tried putting other shows on and they NEVER hold her attention. Sid is supposed to 4 years old so he's not supposed to know everything. Yeah, the jokes are lame but they're simple and silly to appeal to a specific audience (which, i assume, is up to 4).moreless
  • sid the science kid more like sid the stupid kid

    Good god how in the heck is this still running. The anomation looks like THE SIMSONS ONLY STUPIDER AND CRAPPIER. I think kids are actully getting dumber than smarter. I also see it ripped off The Magic School Bus. The show is a rip off just like chuggition. The characters espacially the kids are so weird and dumb. It's slow paced which you can see with your own eyes! PBS has always made me insane espectially now a days, but not THAT INSANE! My worst character of all time is SID HIMSELF! Sid is the stupidest of all! He's bugs me so much that I tried putting this show on my top 40 worst kid shows 3 to 13,In fact the show is one of them! This show is rated 1'.5/10 which is a piece of crap! If you have a kid that whatches PBS kids and sid the sience kid comes on don't let he or she whatch the show. Let your kids watch thomas the tank engine or the adventares of sonic the hedgehog. THIS IS THE BORINGEST SHOW IN HISTORY!! I hope this show will be cancled soon.moreless
  • Who wants to make grounded videos out of him?

    Boo! Bad CGI effects and ugly characters!
  • need new voices

    I agree. The voice of the characters drive me crazy. I can't stand listening to them. Gabriella and Grandma are the worst. I think it's the same person.

    I do like what the idea of the show is about. My daughter does like it.
  • It's very educational and great source for children to learn.

    Great show for kids, he give open questions and engage kids to get outside and explore the world. Shows his parents getting involve and enthusiastic of learning new things. I wish they can do new dance moves or the opening.
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  • jokes
    what kind of jokes do u know on there
  • for you haters
    This show is awesome my neice and nephew love sid and the gang my only issue is that they never change clothes but they talk about...
  • "Susie"
    I don't like this show and one thing that bothers me about it is how Sid and his friends all refer to their teacher by her first n...

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