Sid the Science Kid

PBS Premiered Sep 01, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • I don't know anyone you can go through 5 minutes of this show without getting a headache.

    Everything from the opening theme to the end in this show is a mess.First of all,this is supposed to be educational but it really doesn't have much educational value.Plus its pretty strange,what I remember from school as a 4 year old nobody sang and danced terribly upon entry on the school,plus why are there only 4 students?That makes no sense.The voice actors are weak at their job and can't accomplish simple tasks,THE KIDS DON'T SOUND LIKE KIDS.Plus in the segment during school where they are making jokes and laughing...its just sad,the jokes aren't funny,probably not even to children.The puns don't make sense and its just petty.
    I'll take something from a recent episode and use it for an example on how this show isn't educational at all.There is an episode about how fruits and veggies decay over time and get rotten,Sid says its time to throw away a rotten banana,the grandma says when she was young she used the rotten fruits as food still and just ate them...Do you really want your kids to eat rotten fruit?A real educational show would've said to use it for compost.
    All the characters seem a bit...unbalanced.Sid dances and sings all the time about corny subjects,the students are stupid as hell,especially Gerald who always talks like he's stressed out and says,and I quote "Check out my moves!I'm a rockstar!" after flailing his arms,I wouldn't wanna come up against any of the characters of this show in a dark alley...or anywhere for that matter.
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