Sid the Science Kid

PBS Premiered Sep 01, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • What is happening to PBS Kids?

    OK, this is one of the most dumbest shows in my life. Seriously PBS Kids, back in the day the only bad show you had was Dragon Tales. I mean we had Arthur and ZOOM, but now they have Its a Big Big World and Comfy Couch.

    Dialogue 1/10 - One of the worst Dialogues in History! Its so dumb, it really needs a fix.

    Animation 1/10 - I usually like 3D animations, but this is pure s***! Its to colorful! OMG i just hate it!

    Humor 1/10 - The Humor is Terrible! It does not try to be funny! The Jokes are so awful that not even little children age 3-7 will understand! The Humor is nothing compared to The Chappele Show!

    Overall 1/10 - This is one of the most awful shows I have ever seen! Its really dumb. Avoid it at all costs!