Sid the Science Kid

PBS Premiered Sep 01, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • How about the people writing this use a science tool and get better animation

    The pepople writing this have a problem the show looks lik they were cheap they thinnk the animation was good WELL ITS NOT! Lets go to the problem step by step The show gives a sence of the charaters being weak

    Idea I was suprised by the idea using science to solve problems

    Animation- Overuse of bright colors an extemely bright red color!!!! and a bright and disgusting yellow-orange color are way to over used. The characters movements were weak.

    Voice-Weak they all hae this weird tone ehh! ehh!

    Sessions-Well horrible there is a joke session that does not make sence the jokes are not funny!!Who were there ment for?They put this in for a time filler There is also a Whats the big idea part Strange I thought they got that from Pinky Dinky Doo.Also there is a experimental session that is the only session with live action.Why cant we see Sid exparimenting the animation is so discusting someone did want us seeing it.
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