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  • hail sid

    oh yes sid put it in my butt
  • Don't Watch This Bulls**t

    Sid act like a stupid brat and he should get grounded!

    He is dumber than Gabriella, Jarold (I think how to spell his name) and May!

    This show is a Total Rip-off Of Bill Nye the Science Guy, Which I Love Watching Bill Nye!

    Sid the Science Kid Sucks like Hell

    The Show Gets a 0

    More Like Sid the Stupid Kid!

    Don't watch this bulls**t!

    THIS IS MY #1 LEAST FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Annoying.

    I'm a Science Honors student and this show doesn't make me proud to be one. The only character I can tolerate is May, because she shuts up most of the time.
  • Sid and Gabriella should get married and go on a honeymoon to a science museum

    True dat bro
  • Everything isn't for everybody...

    I didn't really care for the show the first time I saw it. I guess I'm kind of "old school" in that way. But my daughter has LOVED Sid since she first saw the theme song. Now she's 20 months old and this is only cartoon that she's drawn to. I've tried putting other shows on and they NEVER hold her attention. Sid is supposed to 4 years old so he's not supposed to know everything. Yeah, the jokes are lame but they're simple and silly to appeal to a specific audience (which, i assume, is up to 4).
  • sid the science kid more like sid the stupid kid

    Good god how in the heck is this still running. The anomation looks like THE SIMSONS ONLY STUPIDER AND CRAPPIER. I think kids are actully getting dumber than smarter. I also see it ripped off The Magic School Bus. The show is a rip off just like chuggition. The characters espacially the kids are so weird and dumb. It's slow paced which you can see with your own eyes! PBS has always made me insane espectially now a days, but not THAT INSANE! My worst character of all time is SID HIMSELF! Sid is the stupidest of all! He's bugs me so much that I tried putting this show on my top 40 worst kid shows 3 to 13,In fact the show is one of them! This show is rated 1'.5/10 which is a piece of crap! If you have a kid that whatches PBS kids and sid the sience kid comes on don't let he or she whatch the show. Let your kids watch thomas the tank engine or the adventares of sonic the hedgehog. THIS IS THE BORINGEST SHOW IN HISTORY!! I hope this show will be cancled soon.
  • Who wants to make grounded videos out of him?

    Boo! Bad CGI effects and ugly characters!
  • need new voices

    I agree. The voice of the characters drive me crazy. I can't stand listening to them. Gabriella and Grandma are the worst. I think it's the same person.

    I do like what the idea of the show is about. My daughter does like it.
  • It's very educational and great source for children to learn.

    Great show for kids, he give open questions and engage kids to get outside and explore the world. Shows his parents getting involve and enthusiastic of learning new things. I wish they can do new dance moves or the opening.
  • Horrible

    One of the worst PBS Kids Shows of All Time along with Barney,Caillou,and alot more.
  • unwatchable

    Sid the Science Kid is a crappy show with a forced agenda. The show tries so hard to be diverse but instead over compensates with a grandma who listens to every type of music, does every type of extreme sport and knows everything. A teacher who tricks the kids into listening to her sing crappy songs. Gabrrrriela who has to make it a point that she is Hispanic especially when her mother visits the class. Gerald who was mentioned in a previous post as a red monster who represents the insensitive ignorant white man. Mae the quite awkward Asian girl who rarely gets to contribute anything to the show. My point is Sesame Street is a great show that delivers all the positive elements of diversity and education without all of the self righteous crap of Sid the Science Kid. Boo this show, I hope it gets cancelled!
  • Stick with Bill Nye the Science Guy

    Very badly done and this is aired by PBS? I expected far better than this. The voices are annoying, jokes aren't funny, the animation is an eyesore (like Fanboy and Chum Chum), nor is the music any good. In fact the creators must have gotten science and the performing arts mixed a bad way. Having puppets instead of that using bad animation would have been a plus, at least it wouldn't have been as bad of an eyesore. (Did the puppeteers go on strike or is there a petition fighting for the puppets' rights?)

    For an educational show it fails in so many ways and is a waste of time. I don't have kids yet and I won't let them see it. At least Bill Nye was funny enough for some people and engaging and you learn something from him. There are several far better science shows than this. If you ask me, Sid needs several science lessons from Bill Nye and others.
  • Rather be water boarded.

    My daughters hate this show! It made our year when it was moved to another time and Martha Speaks replaced it.

    Creepy all the way through it is.

    Pro- At least your not being water boarded.

    Con- It feels like you are.
  • Barf!

    I saw this show a couple times with my daughter and Sid, who's supposed to be a science boy talks and asks people questions like he's a toddler. Is Sid a re-tard or what? I almost thought this would be a show similar to Bill Nye the science guy. At least he made educating about science fun and humorous. And the jokes that Sid tells people are dumber than a door-knob and are not funny at all. And on top of that, it teaches kids things they usually learn before they get into preschool. And the song he sings at the beginning of the show, Double barf! Makes me wish Simon Cowell was on the show to criticise Sid's singing. And what really makes the animation look cheap is that all the characters in the show appear to have either red or purple hair and reminds me of Ronald McDonald and Grimmus

    I cannot stand letting my son watch this show. I literally cringe when it comes on and turn off the TV immediately before my son's IQ lowers. I hope this show gets taken off television as soon as humanly possible. If I could vote 0/10 stars, I would.
  • Awful in So Many Ways

    Let's start with the actors--adults pretending very badly to be children. The fake kid voices are excruciating. Gabriella's precious, put-on stammering, for example makes me want to rip that red-topped piece of cartoon foam rubber to bits. The sashaying teacher thing has the smug, I-don't-want-to-sound-too-American lilt of the PC-addled liberal. I'm sure the actress believes she's being loving, graceful, sophisticated and full of spirit. What she actually is is an ode to presumptuous pretense. Gerald, the white kid in this carefully racially calibrated political screed, sounds like a sort of screeching monster. Why would you make a child sound like that?

    Of course in the carefully disguised hate speech that is this show, Gerald is subtly denigrated at every turn, from his slightly uglier face (disguised in the general ugliness of the cartoon foam rubber shapes, but the aesthetic decision-making is discernible nevertheless), to his horrible rasping voice, to his ever inferior ideas, for example when the writers select Gerald to be kid whose parents have told him that women can't be scientists (seems someone forgot where feminism happened). Did we need this message? The writers of this show reveal their low minds in thinking so.

    More on the poor quality of thought in the writing: Apparently someone had a plan to have a show "celebrating science", and the writers thought they had to make the kids literally celebrate it. Like "food let's do a dance and celebrate!" This is some seriously flat-footed screen play, and thinking. What is the science they are able to come up with? Sid doing interviews and getting wrong answers from kids. We're very careful not to be judgmental about those wrong answers. Then later Smug Sashay Thing coos out the right answer and does another dance. Everyone's opinion matters! And we dance a lot. And science is just stuff people say, not the actual process of discovery by real scientists.

    And then there's the idea of computer modeled puppets - yes, deliberately making a cartoon look like a puppet. This was understandable, and quite successful, when the developers of the pre-PC (in every sense) Muppets presumably looked for a way to give more freedom to their characters. The Muppets had an established look, built from reality. The Sid assembly, however, was conceived from scratch. Animators who could have created absolutely anything they wanted, deliberately sat down and modeled these characters as bulky, clumsy, pieces of styrofoam whose mouths, in order to make speech sounds, have to contort themselves into horrible shapes. What's worse is that these concoctions also manage to convey a desire to look human - fail!, and we're proud of it. Understanding the kind of thinking that went into that decision - to present failure as a foundation - might make a fascinating study.

    Sid the Science Kid is a smug piece of foolishness involving horrifyingly ugly characters, stupid ideas and discrete racism. Protect your kids from it.

  • I'm back! Horrible show.

    This show is disgusting. The "jokes" are nowhere near funny (one of them is a character shouting "POOP!" when the teacher talks about the process of food. WHY) and like another user said (I don't know if it was on another site or this one?) there is more singing and dancing then there is actual science. The voices are irritating as well. And to those people that say that adults shouldn't be judging shows for preschoolers, if you were annoyed by this disgusting and irritating show, WOULD YOU WANT TO HAVE IT ON 24/7?! NO! IT'S BEST THAT YOUR KIDS NEVER FIND OUT ABOUT THIS SHOW UNLESS YOU WANT TO TURN INTO TO A MAD PSYCHO. NO PEACE AT ALL OUT!
  • Suffocate Sid!!! Couldn't they just WATER BOARD us instead.

    I wouldn't mind if I just hated this show by my 3 children (3, 6, & 8) have never seen a more annoying show.


    Your not actually getting WATER BOARDED.


    It feels like your getting WATER BOARDED.

    Voices, not cute, not clever, disturbing.

    Animation - disturbing.

    Content- If you can get by the voices, which you can't, it's repetitive, bad silly, not worth the torture.

    Characters- Just plain weird.

    Poor Jim Henson, he's not resting in peace anymore.

  • Would you prefer your children to watch ADULTSWIM instead?

    PBS Kids Sid the Science Kid is suppose to be teaching children about science does it really matter that the characters don't match up to an adult vision of how they should be acting. In my opinion we need more hands on learning in our schools and more families need to learn to enjoy having fun with our kids no matter how foolish it may look. It's about making memories with our kids than it is trying to impress others. I don;t mind dancing around with my kids or even telling stories of when I was young. As for Sid and the others on this show I think they do a great job in teaching our children about the many things about you ought to go to their web page and play their games and do some of activities with your kids you never know you might actually enjoy being a kid again.
  • I am horrified to imagine what smart and well brought up kids will become watching this show

    Just one thing kills more more than everything else in this show: how those kids speak. The intonation and the words all remind me those of literally slow developing kids. It is more "from the street" type of language, than that of educated and simply well balanced kids.

    The moves and jokes are really beyond dumb or ***ed. Really I have no words for that.

    The way Grandma and parents and all the other family members dance around for no reason in weird places and situations is completely disturbing and always forms a huge question mark of perplexity in my mind. This show should not be shown on TV. Whoever likes it should buy their own 100 copies and enjoy in the comfort of their own home.
  • My 2 year old and my 32 year old love this show

    My husband and son love this. My son watches it every night before bed. Sid always goes to bed at the end of each show, which makes a great transition. The show keeps science simple and teaches it in a child-like way. Almost ALL of the experiments (hands on learning) are things you can do at home. I think the animation leaves a little to be desired, but given the age group it's targeting and that it's only in it's 2nd season, I think it's good. We bought some Sid DVDs and even a few of the books. I even enjoy it... although, I do wish PBS would stop showing the same few shows during re-run season.

    My son that will be 2 in March LOVES this show! He will not watch anything else, but Sid! It is a cartoon and is a great for children. I think it helps children learn and grow and become excited to go to school. I read some of the other reviews and I still LOVE this cartoon for my child and if this is what he wants to watch I think it is a lot better than many others out there. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! If you haven't ever let your child watch it I suggest it highly!
  • This show is awesome, and anyone letting the children watch this program shall have some very educated children, My neice and nephew loves this show, when we turn it on they began to clap and scream yaay. They have learned so much from this program .


    We purchased every video we could find on Sid and the gang. I read the other reviews and they are wrong about this show, This show is meant for children not for adults,so your opinion about the she does NOT matter, If you don't like it don't watch it and keep your opinions to yourself because those of us that do enjoy Sid don't want to hear it. the only issue I have is that the teach so much and they never change clothes and the talk about getting germs. So guys lets change Sid and the gangs clothes.......

  • I don't know anyone you can go through 5 minutes of this show without getting a headache.

    Everything from the opening theme to the end in this show is a mess.First of all,this is supposed to be educational but it really doesn't have much educational value.Plus its pretty strange,what I remember from school as a 4 year old nobody sang and danced terribly upon entry on the school,plus why are there only 4 students?That makes no sense.The voice actors are weak at their job and can't accomplish simple tasks,THE KIDS DON'T SOUND LIKE KIDS.Plus in the segment during school where they are making jokes and laughing...its just sad,the jokes aren't funny,probably not even to children.The puns don't make sense and its just petty.
    I'll take something from a recent episode and use it for an example on how this show isn't educational at all.There is an episode about how fruits and veggies decay over time and get rotten,Sid says its time to throw away a rotten banana,the grandma says when she was young she used the rotten fruits as food still and just ate them...Do you really want your kids to eat rotten fruit?A real educational show would've said to use it for compost.
    All the characters seem a bit...unbalanced.Sid dances and sings all the time about corny subjects,the students are stupid as hell,especially Gerald who always talks like he's stressed out and says,and I quote "Check out my moves!I'm a rockstar!" after flailing his arms,I wouldn't wanna come up against any of the characters of this show in a dark alley...or anywhere for that matter.
  • How about the people writing this use a science tool and get better animation

    The pepople writing this have a problem the show looks lik they were cheap they thinnk the animation was good WELL ITS NOT! Lets go to the problem step by step The show gives a sence of the charaters being weak

    Idea I was suprised by the idea using science to solve problems

    Animation- Overuse of bright colors an extemely bright red color!!!! and a bright and disgusting yellow-orange color are way to over used. The characters movements were weak.

    Voice-Weak they all hae this weird tone ehh! ehh!

    Sessions-Well horrible there is a joke session that does not make sence the jokes are not funny!!Who were there ment for?They put this in for a time filler There is also a Whats the big idea part Strange I thought they got that from Pinky Dinky Doo.Also there is a experimental session that is the only session with live action.Why cant we see Sid exparimenting the animation is so discusting someone did want us seeing it.
  • How can the same company that brought us Sesame Street, The Muppets, and so many more classic shows create this mess?

    I really don't know what was going on at Jim Henderson Company when this show was being created, but they certainly weren't thinking straight at all. Sid the Science Kid is about a 6 year old named Sid and his use of scientific skills to understand the world around him, and with his friends they learn something new everyday. Now for a Jim Henderson show this sounds decent enough, but they really executed it badly. The characters are all highly annoying, and unlikable in every sense of those words. Sid is always singing and dancing horribly. Sid's parents and grandma are very weird, and are borderline mentally insane, and act just as bad as Sid. Sid's friends are a little less annoying, but are still bad. May is the most tolerable character on this show since she barely seems to speak, and acts normal. Gabriela is supposed to be funny, but each joke she tells is awful even for kids. Gerald though is by far the worst friend. He's a complete airhead and whenever it's Rug Time he tries to do these skits, but they are nothing more than time filler. Susie is the teacher and was OK as well, but she did get annoying from time to time. Also the kids keep calling her Susie instead of Mrs. Susie. I learned that you should always address a teacher by Mr. or Mrs. never call them by their name. Also for a show claiming to be about science most of the show is filled with dancing and singing. I am not kidding every 2-5 minutes a new song or dance comes out of nowhere. Is this a science show or a musical show? As for the science it's barely in an episode. So much of the show has singing and dancing it really outweighs the science part, and what science you learn is just too basic even for kids and doesn't really challenge their minds. Also why is there only 4 kids in this preschool? Last time I checked playschools had like 10-15 kids in them. This preschool also has too much science going on. It's only preschool and they are already talking more about science than anything else, and I am sure that 5 year old kids aren't that interested into science. Science should be learned in elementary school not in a playschool. The show is done in CGI, and it looks bad. The animation is very stiff and choppy, the colors are way too bright for kids, and everyone's skin is a different color like purple, yellow, and orange. Did a nuclear fallout occur or something? How can the same company that had the Muppets, Sesame Street, and so many more create a show like this? I don't know, but hopefully the Jim Henderson Company will cancel this show soon. Sid the Science Kid is a show that should be avoided at all costs, and never looked back.
  • My review on Sid the Science Kid


    I really think this show is crazy and annoying and does not teach kids anything.

    It is crazy how they act all yellling way too many songs in this show and also what if a kid actually told their teacher to sing? Its like only Science and Fun! No Math no Reading no Phonics no English no Social Studies!! How could kids learn this stuff they need to know by 1st grade! Yeah they would learn Science but by watching this show they would not learn these other subjects unless they watch some others shows which teaches them a mix of everything!!! Sid the Science kid could be better....

  • What is happening to PBS Kids?

    OK, this is one of the most dumbest shows in my life. Seriously PBS Kids, back in the day the only bad show you had was Dragon Tales. I mean we had Arthur and ZOOM, but now they have Its a Big Big World and Comfy Couch.

    Dialogue 1/10 - One of the worst Dialogues in History! Its so dumb, it really needs a fix.

    Animation 1/10 - I usually like 3D animations, but this is pure s***! Its to colorful! OMG i just hate it!

    Humor 1/10 - The Humor is Terrible! It does not try to be funny! The Jokes are so awful that not even little children age 3-7 will understand! The Humor is nothing compared to The Chappele Show!

    Overall 1/10 - This is one of the most awful shows I have ever seen! Its really dumb. Avoid it at all costs!