Sid the Science Kid

PBS Premiered Sep 01, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • How can the same company that brought us Sesame Street, The Muppets, and so many more classic shows create this mess?

    I really don't know what was going on at Jim Henderson Company when this show was being created, but they certainly weren't thinking straight at all. Sid the Science Kid is about a 6 year old named Sid and his use of scientific skills to understand the world around him, and with his friends they learn something new everyday. Now for a Jim Henderson show this sounds decent enough, but they really executed it badly. The characters are all highly annoying, and unlikable in every sense of those words. Sid is always singing and dancing horribly. Sid's parents and grandma are very weird, and are borderline mentally insane, and act just as bad as Sid. Sid's friends are a little less annoying, but are still bad. May is the most tolerable character on this show since she barely seems to speak, and acts normal. Gabriela is supposed to be funny, but each joke she tells is awful even for kids. Gerald though is by far the worst friend. He's a complete airhead and whenever it's Rug Time he tries to do these skits, but they are nothing more than time filler. Susie is the teacher and was OK as well, but she did get annoying from time to time. Also the kids keep calling her Susie instead of Mrs. Susie. I learned that you should always address a teacher by Mr. or Mrs. never call them by their name. Also for a show claiming to be about science most of the show is filled with dancing and singing. I am not kidding every 2-5 minutes a new song or dance comes out of nowhere. Is this a science show or a musical show? As for the science it's barely in an episode. So much of the show has singing and dancing it really outweighs the science part, and what science you learn is just too basic even for kids and doesn't really challenge their minds. Also why is there only 4 kids in this preschool? Last time I checked playschools had like 10-15 kids in them. This preschool also has too much science going on. It's only preschool and they are already talking more about science than anything else, and I am sure that 5 year old kids aren't that interested into science. Science should be learned in elementary school not in a playschool. The show is done in CGI, and it looks bad. The animation is very stiff and choppy, the colors are way too bright for kids, and everyone's skin is a different color like purple, yellow, and orange. Did a nuclear fallout occur or something? How can the same company that had the Muppets, Sesame Street, and so many more create a show like this? I don't know, but hopefully the Jim Henderson Company will cancel this show soon. Sid the Science Kid is a show that should be avoided at all costs, and never looked back.