Sid the Science Kid

PBS Premiered Sep 01, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • I am horrified to imagine what smart and well brought up kids will become watching this show

    Just one thing kills more more than everything else in this show: how those kids speak. The intonation and the words all remind me those of literally slow developing kids. It is more "from the street" type of language, than that of educated and simply well balanced kids.

    The moves and jokes are really beyond dumb or ***ed. Really I have no words for that.

    The way Grandma and parents and all the other family members dance around for no reason in weird places and situations is completely disturbing and always forms a huge question mark of perplexity in my mind. This show should not be shown on TV. Whoever likes it should buy their own 100 copies and enjoy in the comfort of their own home.