Sid the Science Kid

PBS Premiered Sep 01, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Would you prefer your children to watch ADULTSWIM instead?

    PBS Kids Sid the Science Kid is suppose to be teaching children about science does it really matter that the characters don't match up to an adult vision of how they should be acting. In my opinion we need more hands on learning in our schools and more families need to learn to enjoy having fun with our kids no matter how foolish it may look. It's about making memories with our kids than it is trying to impress others. I don;t mind dancing around with my kids or even telling stories of when I was young. As for Sid and the others on this show I think they do a great job in teaching our children about the many things about you ought to go to their web page and play their games and do some of activities with your kids you never know you might actually enjoy being a kid again.