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Side Order of Life

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When a young photographer (Marisa Coughlan) is about to marry a handsome man (Jason Priestley), she thinks her life is going perfect. She's got great friends, a great job, and also a great fiance. But everything changes when she starts to get signs forcing her to think about her life once again.
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  • SÝde order of life is an adorable show.

    I have just started watching Side order of life and I loved it. Although I saw just a couple of episodes, I know that it will go well as it started. There are very adorable characters like Vivy who is the best friend of Jenny. Vivy is a person who is sociable and have a lot of friends, she loves living but She has cancer. After Jenny learned that Vivy has cancer, her life changes, too. Its story is very sincere and I loved everything about this show, especially Jenny's job as a photographer gives us a chance to see other people's lives and how Jenny sees them.moreless
  • It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G :(

    I love this show so much that I never thought in a million years that they would cancel it after only one season . Everything was perfect in "side order of life" and i mean EVERYTHING. Every episode I watch, I always end up crying my eyes off. And until the next episode airs, i keep telling myself there's no way I'll cry this time as well, but i still do. Anyway this isn't a praise section. I'll have to review sometime :) The first thing that i appreciated was the background and lighting. It was always so perfect and well-polished. And there's also their fashion sense which was always top notch. And most of all, the stories. The people that jenny helped out throughout the episodes each touched my heart especially the one with the woman who thought her husband was abducted by aliens and jenny brings them back together by making them talk on the phone although the husband was actually in the next room (my eyes are tearing even when I'm writing this). And also The cell-phone guy story was romantic and funny in a way. I really hope they would bring it back.moreless
  • I love Side Order Of Life...thank you LIFETIME!

    Side Order of Life had me from the beginning. Cell phone man was definately an attention getter for me. The fact that something like that could happen in life and probably has for someone out there kept a hopeless romantic relying on fate and sitting on the edge of her seat waiting to see what happens. And the story line with Vivy dealing with cancer and what it means to be and have a friend with the disease adds a dose of reality to the show. It adds adventure as well as reality in an enjoyable show. Right on Lifetime! Please bring the show back!moreless
  • The best show on the air!

    This is my favorite TV Show. I look forward to many seasons to come. All of the characters are so likeable and the relationships are evolving before our eyes. I only hope this show will stay on for several years. I have been telling all

    of my friends to watch it so hopefully the fans will keep it on the air. Seeing actors from other series morph in to these characters has been fun. They all seem to be enjoying their new show as much as the viewers. Bringing on Stephen Weber was brilliant, too.

    Keep up the good work! Juneymoreless
  • I have throughly enjoyed Side Order of Life!!

    However, I am saddened that the season has come to a close. I adored the season finale, oh my goodness! It was wonderful. I wish Lifetime would put this show on iTunes. I can not wait to see what happens between Jenny and James. Will Vivy continue to try and just be friends with Rick or they take their relationship to the next level. Will Ian marry Becca? I personally think they are moving this way to quickly. Also, just by observing the look on Ian's face when Jenny and James finally found each other was most interesting. I kind of get the feeling that all this moving the relationship along is simple because Jenny has moved on and find someone special and Ian wants some attention. I can not wait for the next season.moreless
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