Side Order of Life

Season 1 Episode 5

Early Bird Catches the Word

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 12, 2007 on Lifetime

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  • I had typos in my last post but I won't be able to write 100 New words below

    Still smiling when I sah

    ..... when I SAY

    If "Jump the Shark" means anything having to do with
    "Jumping around to Confuse a HUGE Fan of this show ....

    The Show tonight, Ends So Beautifully, Again
    having Cell Phone Man saying Everything

    EVery Girl (at this computer) would like to hear !!!!
    Such As ~ I have to see you the mean I get back,.... Such As ~ I have to see You the MINUTE I get back,

    I'm sleepy I think. Thanks for reading correction.
    I hope I'm able to get some feed back about this
    Crazieeeeee Preview about the old guy ...

    OH, maybe it's another Dream Sequence ... I hope so
    Because I don't want it being that something unsavory happened to Cell Hunky Guy or anything like that !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks AGain
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