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Lifetime (ended 2007)

re-airings of new epsiodes?

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    [1]Sep 3, 2007
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    This is one of those shows that each week's new episodes air multiple times through the week right? Does anyone know what time(s) it comes on again? I have TiVo so middle of the night showings are fine (in fact they're great, less likely for there to be conflicts!). Anyone know?
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    [2]Sep 19, 2007
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    They had been rerunning them either Saturday night or on Sunday afternoons (State of Mind reruns were in the other slot). Right now they're rerunning the early episodes in a two-hour block with the new ones, but no reruns of the new ones on Lifetime. You might try LMN, I don't know. Sorry.

    Lifetime is the least accessible cable channel, which is especially ironic since they supposedly cater to busy women. They rarely repeat their original shows, but you can find repeats of Golden Girls ad nauseum.
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    [3]Oct 28, 2007
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    Lifetime kind of sucks, there's no reason a cable network can't have repeats either the same night/early next morning or sometime during the week. I missed 3 of the final 4 episodes (saw all the first 9) because the show wasn't good enough (for me) to compete with other network shows that began airing on Sunday nights in late September. Episode 11 aired the Sunday morning before the final 2 episodes, but I never did find any repeats of 10, 12, 13. Guess I'll stick to FX, USA, TBS, VH1, Comedy Central when I chose to branch out into cable network series in the future.
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