Side Order of Life

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 15, 2007 on Lifetime

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  • Good start

    This pilot episode of "Side Order of Life" was very informational and enjoyable. It sets the ground work for the series. It shows Jenny coming to life and understanding life, seeing it in a different perspective. She begins to see things or imagine these illusions that shows her things that she never usually noticed before. In the beginning she just thought life was perfect and nothing could go wrong. Since the news about her best friend she begins to put things into perspectives. Trivial things no longer matter to her like napkins for her wedding etc. because of this new outlook on life, her eye for photography develops into something deeper than the snap of her camera. She sees into the soul of the people she takes and help the world to see the beauty in people or even the pain.
  • Engagements, cancer and mysterious Cell Phone Men.

    I absolutely enjoyed this pilot episode. I envisage this show moving along nicely through the coming season. The characters are well written and complex. The relationships between the ensemble are also complex and interesting. I am entertained by Jenny's questing mind. I enjoy how she takes stock of her life and situation after learning of her friend's illness. I think the show touches on a lot of thought-provoking issues. I believe it will be interesting to see where they take the cancer plot-line and how they make it informative as well as somber. Another show that's going into the off season line-up and I can't wait for more.
  • Another woman in search of??? Well boohoo!!!!!

    I choose bottom of the barrel because this realy sucks big time they must have scraped this from even below the barrol. Another drama about a woman with a career who sees things, doesnt realy want to get married and who isnt aware of her potential until someone else tells her about it. Oooh please give me a break. I also could have chosen "Unoriginal" or "Painful to watch", which by the way I will not do anymore, as if that wasnt already abvious duh!!!. Let's hope that if I had picked "Series Finale" that will be looking into the future. Seeing all the good series around that get cancelled before there time this series should have been killed at birth. I am trying to find anything good to say about it but the only thing that comes to mind is that I dont have to watch it again. Is this an unfair review? I know a good doctor if you realy think it is. Bad acting, Jason Priestly for crying out loud the guy could act his way out of brown wet paperbag. Some blond bimbo with an uglier girlfriend who is outrages oooh please that has been done to death. I stop here before I realy get nasty. This is the worst new series I have seen this season so far so it should run for decades knowing my luck. Take it or leave it!
  • side order of life 'pilot'

    so far this series seems pretty okay. it wasn't fantastic but most the time pilots never are. I just hope it gets better :)
    it was really just about a women, Jenny, who is about to marry a man, Ian. But her friend tells her hes not the one for her and everyone else starts trying to council her though things that happen. once, at the beginning of the show, she is calling her fiancee but his number is not the one that she calls. so then she just starts talking to the person who she did call and he talks to her. then she decides that she doesn't want to get married on saturday and her and Ian postpone the wedding.
    so nothing really amazing happened, although some parts were sorta weird. so im not sure what i think of it, but ill be watching next week
  • So far so good!

    So far so good. And think it will improve as
    It is a cute show. Jenny McIntrye we are introduced
    Too has a successful photography business and a loving fiance named Ian. She thinks that she wants to get married. But her
    Friend forces her to rethink her life. As maybe marriage isn't for her. As that woman has had three husbands. Maybe she is doing her best to get to Jenny and tell her that she needs to wait for marriage. A guilty pleasure in the making.