Side Order of Life

Season 1 Episode 4

What Price Truth?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 05, 2007 on Lifetime

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  • While I love this series, and continue to love the essence of it ... the relationships .... I changed my vote from 10 to 8.9 when I got to watch the entire episode ... THIS IS WHY

    The caring of Jenny, in this episode regarding getting Claire and Adam together IS Exactly Why I watch This Show !

    The sensitive Story and the Dialog of Claire and Adam is Exactly Why I Love & Will Continue to Watch This Show !!!!

    I loved the meaning behind Vivy's tatoo. Very pertinent.
    and Rick was Not really confused at all about Vivy's tatoo, His got mixed up in meaning, Not Vivy's then there's even the "over the top" mother, Who At Least Helped us Understand Jenny's confusion Over relationships, and Ian in particular. Jenny doesn't want to be like her mother at all. Good for Her. but I changed my vote, because I got to watch the Entire episode... And the absolutely wonderful Vivy ....
    While She Has Every right to be emotional about having cancer ... it was somewhat too screamy ... for Viv, I don't think she would do it that way ! and even tho I certainly don't agree with the low Vote of one poster Would Never Agree with any vote of 1 to 5, Because there is So Much Good Content in the rest of the story .... I would wish, this great show could stay True to it's character development, so as ONLY to Gain MORE Viewers High Votes and keep them on the air.

    Thanks everyone !
  • Interesting, Dramatic, Adorable

    Side Order Of Life ~ What Price is Truth: I'm enjoying this show. I think it's interesting. I like the way that relationships are evolving, and I adore all of the cast members. I'm looking forward to seeing where Jenny goes with the Mystery Man. The only thing that's really getting on my nerves is Vivy and her incessant 'All Hail Life because I'm dying' attitude. It seems to me that she totters between really enjoying life in spite of her illness, and letting it get her down so she has to MAKE everyone else enjoy life and live it through them. It's sort of getting on my nerves. This last episode was a good one. I love that Ian and Becca might be getting together. I just adore Ashley Williams. I'm looking forward to the Ashley, Jenny, Ian, Mystery Man situations the most though. It's feeding my need for drama, and as it is a drama, I guess that means it's doing it's job.