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Sifl & Olly Show

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The Sifl and Olly Show is a show about 2 sock puppets named Sifl and Olly who run a low-budget TV show out of their apartment. The duo host a variety of segments throughout the show. It's usually referred to as the lowest-rated program to ever air on MTV.

Segments include:

Calls from the Public - Sifl and Olly would take calls, either with a question or comment; from their fans, landlord, or even Olly's mother.

Interview Time - The interviews rarely went without a hitch. Usually Sifl had forgotten to book the star or spent all the money on some lame scheme or product. The interviews then were either substituted with another lesser interviewee or Olly would dress up as the person.

Rock Facts - Sifl and Olly would ask a question, either before commercial or during the show pertaining to rock history. The answers were usually made up and non-sensical, but Olly made it clear that Bjork was off limits.

Rock! - Pretty much self explanatory, Sifl and Olly would break out in song.

Precious Roy - In order to help finance the show, Sifl and Olly would sell merchandice that Precious Roy himself made. Olly would go crazy during his sales-pitch. They would then take calls from people who have already bought the products. The segment would end with Precious Roy making a comment on the item, but due to his loss of senility, he usually says something totally out of the blue.

A Moment with Chester - Chester, Sifl and Olly's friend, would come on and do an interview.

Letters to Chester - As a follow up to 'A Moment With Chester,' they introduced this new segment. In it, Sifl & Olly read the letters and Chester responded to them.

It's Almost the End of the Show - The show usually wrapped up with Sifl and Olly doing a musical number. During the second season of the show, MTV edited down some of the episodes and inserted music videos. During the videos Sifl, Olly, and Chester would pop onto the screen doing some dance or gag. Pretty unproductive.

The episodes are titled after the opening scene. If there is none, it's named after the first Chester scene


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AIRED ON 4/18/2013

Season 5 : Episode 5

Liam Lynch

Liam Lynch

Olly / Various

Matt Crocco

Matt Crocco

Sifl / Chester / Precious Roy / Various

Michael Taylor (II)

Michael Taylor (II)


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  • The Sifl and Olly Show! Another one MTV cancelled.


    The Sifl and Olly Show! Another one MTV cancelled. MTV is not a bad network, it gets a lot of good shows, it just always cancels them for crap like Jersey Shore. The show follows two puppets (Sifl and Olly) who host a talk show. But it is also a variety show containing comedy, music and sketch. The show is hilarity. While it is canceled you can easily find clips on youtube. Fans are petitioning to get the series but on DVD but they won't budge. Sockheads forever!

  • omg i watch sifl and olly all the time on youtube.

    i use to watch that show when i was only 4 years old. it is such a funny show. I made this terra and toph thing on youtube (yes i am terra006) it is really funny. i luv the panda song. it is awsome. the show is like the best. mtv use to have the best shows but now it is like yo momma or rob and big. those shows are boring. i want mtv to bring bak beavis and butthead and sifl and olly. the person who came up with the show must make millions of dollars each day!!!!!!!!moreless
  • I was, I think, only about six when this came out, but I still remeber it. And how awesome it was.

    I was, I think, only about six when this came out, but I still remeber it. And how awesome it was. Seeing it again on Youtube, it's, if at all possible, even funnnier. Their songs were absolutely awesome. Puppets make everything funny, no doubt about it. Chester was a laugh riot. Precious Roy's usseless stuff was absolutely killer, I'd buy some of that junk just for the fun of it. Olly's absolute random insanity made the show. Silf's always looked like a cat to me. It's a bit sad to think that "My United States of Whatever" is one of the greatest moments when there were so many others.

    In closing: Precious Roy, Precious Roy makin' lots of suckers out of girls and boys! *ding*moreless
  • A puppet show featuring Bizzare and surreal characters, and hilarious socks and other random objects, sifl and olly goes down in history (for me) as being one of the best shows, with probably the lowest budget evermoreless

    This was a classic in my book, being a hilarious puppet show with no real purpose other than the antics of chester, sifl and olly, precious roy, calls to the public, the show featured alot of funny and strange skits and ideas that at its time were definitely unheard of given todays new "edgier" comedys
  • The siffel and olly show was a show about puppets who interviewed and asked rock trivia. Precious Roy tried to sell usless junk and Chester was always a blast. Every minute was a laugh. I dont understand to this day that when it did air, it was late nighmoreless

    I think this show was the greatest ever!!!! They should definielty bring it back or release it on DVD as soon as possible. It was such a cute and entertaining show. Whoever took it off the air should be fired, it was awesome. So I hope the right people read this and word gets out so we can enjoy this show once again and our generation can laugh too. It is so so so worth bringing back. So please everyone band together and get Siffel and Olly into everyones homes!!! It\'s absolutely the best show ever aired! It totally rocked!moreless

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