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  • Sightings started out good, but went downhill from there.

    This was a great show when it started. It started out devoted to the paranormal and the supernatural using a traditional news format to showcase haunted houses and ghost hunting investigations. If anything, it was probably the first serious program to go traveling through the country and sometimes even the world for real ghost stories even if it had a somewhat static and sterile approach to the stories it depicted. Changing from a half hour to a full hour was an improvement that few shows engaged in. Unfortunately, it suffered greatly for me when it stopped doing ghost stories and and started covering UFOs, cryptid, religous phenomenon and just about everything else. At times, the series devoted too much time to UFOs, or returned too many times to one case file. The show became even more tired when it moved from primetime. When it started resembling a more convoluted version of "Unsolved Mysteries," I think I knew the series was at its end, but if it was remade today to focus on one subject again, I think it could work again.
  • A paranormal show that's entertaining.

    This is a good show that features the supernatural or anything unexplained. I love watching stuff about paranormal phenomenon, this show surely delivers tons of it. Well I know some of it might not be true, but it's still a very entertaining show. The paranormal is a the real draw of this show especially if it centers on UFOs, people love mysteries, this show have all kinds of alledged ET encounters. With all kinds of weird stuff being reported around the world, a show needs to dedicated to such topic, sightings is one of the best shows out there that covers the subject.
  • Sightings was a realy great show that always had great stories on the paranormal.

    Sightings was probably one of the best paranormal shows I have seen. Tim White was an excellent host, and there were also good writers. Too bad Sci Fi Channel stopped showing reruns. There are paranormal shows today that are similar to Sightings, but they are not as good, and they sometimes don't last long(Proof Posotive, Unexplained Mysteries, etc.)They definatley need to bring the show back and put the show on DVD with season sets!
  • While innovative and the right thing for FOX to go with in its network infancy, this type of show just showed up at the wrong time...

    In a nutshell, SIGHTINGS (or as it later became known, Sci-Fi Channel\'s SIGHTINGS) was a unique individual in the realm of investigative reporting. While all other news shows focused on local, national or global events, or even celebrity life, this one strayed from the conventional path and took to the world of the paranormal - a field that has had growing interest over the past few decades. The show itself covered UFOlogy, ghosts, extrasensory/psychic phenomena, unexplained events, and even Gaia Theory once in a blue moon. This ticket managed to net it a run of several years on FOX, which it gladly continued for a few more on the Sci-Fi Channel. Unfortunately, it eventually reached the end of its time. While the idea that no mystery was ever closed to an open mind kept the show alive, even the show\'s perfect host, Tim White, could not save it from falling in the end. The show fell into reruns and eventually dropped off the airing rotation.

    Now, with the Sci-Fi Channel running specials on investigations into the Roswell incident and a supposed UFO crash in Kecksburg, PA (now known as \"Pennsylvania\'s Roswell\"), and the show known as \"Proof Positive\" having hit the airwaves (unfortunately, I no longer see that show airing anymore either), it is possible that we may see a revival of this pinnacle show. While we may no longer see Tim White in the driver\'s seat, we know we\'ll still see an excellent work in investigative reporting. Even if it\'s us old fans of this brand of news making it.
  • Great show

    I loved this show and miss it very much there have been other shows of the same type but just haven\'t came close to the entertainment level of sightings. If the powers that be read this stuff I wish they would bring the show back on air. People these days are really into the paranormal things like bigfoot, ghosts, mothman and the such. I think the show would do really well this time around, me and my friends would certainly watch every week. I myself watch everything on the television that deals with this subject matter. Please bring the show back.
  • A great show that I miss. Information we need to know is brought out in each show.

    Sightings is one of the most informative shows. It dares to tell what the people want to see and here but what the government is hiding. All of the information is to the point and in most cases to the point. It should be brought back ant aired on a primary channel in prim time.
  • "SIGHTINGS" was THE best weekly documentary/news series about paranormal happenings.

    "SIGHTINGS" was THE best reality documentary series about the paranormal. I really wish that Paramount would release it on DVD, preferably in season by season releases. Here is the history of the show, for those who aren't familiar with it:

    "Sightings" started out as a few specials on the Fox network in 1991 and 1992 featuring investigations of UFOs and ghosts, respectively. The ratings were good, so it was made into a weekly half-hour series in the spring of 1992. It ran for two seasons on Fox. In 1994, it was brought back in first-run syndication as an hour weekly show with all-new episodes. It ran for two seasons again. In 1996, the Sci Fi Channel picked it up for its 5th and final season (ending in 1997). According to one source, at least a couple of two-hour specials aired on Sci Fi in 1998. In 2002, a movie based on a segment of the series aired on Showtime called, "Sightings: Heartland Ghost". In 2003, the producers of the show edited together some old footage with some new interviews and produced a first-run syndicated series called, "Unexplained Mysteries" (which ran until 2005).

    "Sightings" had both style and substance. The writing on the show really sucked you into each segment and made you interested in it. The show was packed with lots of information and managed to get it all in within each 5 to 10 minute segment, without seeming rushed. I liked the fact that it featured several different topics per hour (or 30 minutes in the first two seasons). If you didn't like one segment, chances are you liked another or several others. (I usually liked them all.) The show was the precursor to the popular fictional series "The X-Files". "The X-Files" replaced Sightings on Fox's Friday night schedule in 1993, exploring the same topics, except in a fictional format. You have to see that Sightings paved the way for paranormal programming, not only on Fox, but on other networks and in syndication.

  • Personal favorite. This show got me into paranormal stuff way back when it aired in 1991 on FOX I believe. The show followed a news like format that covered anything and everything from ghost to UFO’s to curses and what nought..

    A personal favorite. This show got me into paranormal stuff way back when it aired in 1991 on FOX I believe. The show followed a news like format that covered anything and everything from ghost to UFO’s to curses and what nought. I only wish this show came back with new episodes. I mean the format was really great and me and many other people enjoyed it. Even more so then Unsolved Mysteries.

    Anyway a very great show that you don’t see at all these days.