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  • While innovative and the right thing for FOX to go with in its network infancy, this type of show just showed up at the wrong time...

    In a nutshell, SIGHTINGS (or as it later became known, Sci-Fi Channel\'s SIGHTINGS) was a unique individual in the realm of investigative reporting. While all other news shows focused on local, national or global events, or even celebrity life, this one strayed from the conventional path and took to the world of the paranormal - a field that has had growing interest over the past few decades. The show itself covered UFOlogy, ghosts, extrasensory/psychic phenomena, unexplained events, and even Gaia Theory once in a blue moon. This ticket managed to net it a run of several years on FOX, which it gladly continued for a few more on the Sci-Fi Channel. Unfortunately, it eventually reached the end of its time. While the idea that no mystery was ever closed to an open mind kept the show alive, even the show\'s perfect host, Tim White, could not save it from falling in the end. The show fell into reruns and eventually dropped off the airing rotation.

    Now, with the Sci-Fi Channel running specials on investigations into the Roswell incident and a supposed UFO crash in Kecksburg, PA (now known as \"Pennsylvania\'s Roswell\"), and the show known as \"Proof Positive\" having hit the airwaves (unfortunately, I no longer see that show airing anymore either), it is possible that we may see a revival of this pinnacle show. While we may no longer see Tim White in the driver\'s seat, we know we\'ll still see an excellent work in investigative reporting. Even if it\'s us old fans of this brand of news making it.
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