Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

NBC (ended 1975)


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Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

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Two boys, Johnny and Scott, were playing on the beach one day when they "meet" Sigmund, a green sea monster with tentacles who looks like moving seaweed. As it turns out, Sigmund got tired of his family who wanted him to become a "proper" sea monster (i.e., scaring people, etc.), and as a result, he ran away from home. Johnny and Scott decide to take him home with them, and hide him in their clubhouse hoping that the housekeeper Zelda (who looks after them while their parents [whom we never see] are away) never finds him. Meanwhile, Sigmund's family, who lives at "Dead Man's Point", is constantly scheming different ways to bring Sigmund back home, one way or another. Signmund's brothers, Blurp and Slurp, are always trying to forcibly take Sigmund back with them, but their plans never work. In the second season, a new character was added: a genie played by comedian Rip Taylor who lives in a seashell.
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  • One of the best children shows of all time. AWESOME.

    Sigmund and the Sea Monsters was one of my favorite shows growing up. Not very realistic but very funny. It emphasized that sea monsters have a way of life just as much as humans do. Johnny and Scott befriend Sigmund after his attempt to scare them and bring him home after his dysfunctional family disowns him. After they discover that Sigmund cleaned their cave and for other selfish reasons, they keep attempting to bring him home, but their plans always backfire. Meanwhile, Johnny and Scott keep Sigmund secret from their housekeeper Zelda, who obviously wouldn't approve of him seeking refuge in the boys' clubhouse.moreless
  • Another piece of cruddy television from Sid and Marty Kroft.

    Sigmund the Sea Monster was another one of those shows that probably shouldn't have been aired. Another Saturday morning live action show by Sid and Marty Kroft, purveyors of major network crapola to the post baby boom generation, this show blew chunks of slimy green seaweed.

    Like Casper the Friendly Ghost, Sigmund the Sea Monster was a good guy who sought out the company of people because he couldn't stand his mean spirited relatives. He befriends a couple of boys who live by the beach and together they have amazing adventures and try to stop the evil plans being hatched by the other seamonsters.

    Even if it was the 1970s, Sigmund the Sea Monster was a waste of celluloid.moreless
  • Well, it was better than HR Pufnstuff, but thats not saying much.

    These creepy monsters were obviously a product of the same drug induced haze that HR was created from. Things like this are why the 70s sucked big time. The damage to children caused by these 2 shows is incalculable. The hours of therapy, the ADD, the nightmares, ect. If I had a time machine I would go back and make sure things like this are stopped before they are produced. Its like at the end of "Apocalypse Now" where Marlon Brando sits in the darkness before Martin Sheen kills him as he says "The Horror ..... The Horror ...".moreless
  • Hey, Why isn\'t my name there? I mean I was an actor and a producer? Johnny Whitaker as Johnny Stuart? Just signed up and it wouldn\'t let me edit it yet. I guess it needs someone else to do so.moreless

    It was a blast doing Sigmund. Rip Taylor and I will be at the Hollywood Collector\'s Show this April (06) in Burbank, CA. And in September, Rip, Scott and I will be at DragonCon in Atlanta.

    If you\'re a fan, come and check us out!

    If you are a level II please put my name there. I\'m now getting a little jealous.
  • Mommy help! There's a giant hemp running around the beach!

    I saw this one night on late in the Kitchen and I wondered "what the hell?" It looked like hemp was running around with children. At first I thought the children hid him from the adults because they were smoking it, but then I realized that it was seaweed. Yuck! Marty Kroft was smoking something when he wrote this junk.