Sigmund and the Sea Monsters - Season 1

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • 9/8/73
    Johnny and Scott bring Sigmund home from the beach and hide him in their clubhouse from Zelda, who invited the sheriff over for dinner. Meanwhile, Sigmund's family gets a visit from their rich Uncle Siggy, who demands to see Sigmund or he'll disinherit the family.
  • Puppy Love
    Episode 2
    Sigmund falls in love with Fluffy, a dog that belongs to Johnny's girlfriend, Peggy. Sigmund's family schemes to get him back by tricking him into meeting Diana Demon, a sea monster actress who Sigmund has a crush on.
  • 10
    Johnny dresses up as Frankenstein to rescue Scott, who was kidnapped by Sigmund's family and made into their slave.
  • Johnny gets kidnapped by Sigmund's family when he goes to get diet food for Sigmund's aching stomach. Scott gets a friend to pose as the Wolfman to scare them.
  • Happy Birthdaze
    Episode 5
    Burp and Slurp decide to bring home Sigmund to be Big Daddy's birthday present. Not only do they take Sigmund but the cake and presents that Aunt Zelda had gotten for the sheriff's birthday. It's up to Johnny and Scott to save the Birthdaze.
  • The Nasty Nephew
    Episode 6
    Aunt Zelda brings home her nephew (Leroy) for the weekend. Leroy is determined not to get along with the boys, and an attack from Burp and Slurp to a blindfolded Leroy (an initiation to enter the club) didn't help matters. Meanwhile, Burp and Slurp take Sigmund back to the cave. When Johnny and Scott sneak out to rescue Sigmund, Leroy follows. When he sees Sigmund, will he tell or keep the boys' secret?moreless
  • 10
    Sigmund wins a radio singing contest. The problem is, not only do they need to hide Sigmund's identity from the radio DJ, but the Ooze Family needs him to sing with them in the Monster rock festival.
  • Ghoul School Days
    Episode 8
    When the monster school principal tells the Ooze family that they must send one member of the family to school, they choose Sigmund. The trouble is, thinking he is nothing but trouble, Sigmund runs away.
  • 10
    Sweet Mama decides to redecorate the cave so Blurp and Slurp steal Johnny and Scott's furniture. After deciding she didn't like it, Big Daddy sends the guys a ransom note demanding a bunch of clam shells in exchange for their furniture.
  • 12/29/73
    Blurp and Slurp run away from home after breaking Big Daddy's new TV. They seek refuge in Johnny and Scott's clubhouse and attempt to take it over. Johnny sends Big Daddy a runaway note, so Big Daddy comes and scares them back to the cave. However, he refuses to leave the clubhouse after seeing Johnny and Scott's TV. Johnny scares him away by getting Sweet Mama's screaming voice on tape.moreless
  • It's Your Move
    Episode 12
  • Trick or Treat
    Episode 13
  • Uncle Siggy Swings
    Episode 14
  • The Dinosaur Show
    Episode 15
  • The Wild Weekend
    Episode 16
    Johnny and Scott are down at the beach when they meet actor Jack Wild (H.R. Pufnstuf), who is looking forward to a peaceful weekend. The Oozes attempt to kidnap him, however, when he and Johnny get stuck in the tunnel.
  • Boy for a Day
    Episode 17