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    • Two-Way Mentoring
      Episode 806
      Mentoring is a wonderful way to share hard-earned knowledge with others, and we often picture an older person mentoring a younger one. But sometimes those in the second half of life need to be on the receiving end of mentoring, too.
    • King Of Clubs
      Episode 805
      Golf pro Peter Longo had dreamed of a career in the PGA. But in failing to become a top level golfer, he discovered a hidden talent that was a hit with crowds and led him into a whole new profession.
    • Risky Business
      Episode 804
      Vince D'Acchioli was a success in business but a failure at home. When his wife discovered his web of lies, he nearly lost his family. But true repentance followed. Now in his sixties, Vince has started a new venture that needs every bit of his faith and trust.
    • Demand
      Episode 803
      Former congresswoman Linda Smith was shocked by a fact-finding trip to India. Seeing young girls in cages being sold by sex traffickers moved this grandmother to action. Now she's an unstoppable force in the fight to stop human trafficking and prostitution in India as well as the U.S.
    • A New Normal
      Episode 802
      After their only child JP was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, author and speaker Carol Kent and her husband Gene had to re-invent their lives. They moved to Florida to be near JP, started a new ministry to families of inmates and learned to adjust to what they would come to call "A New Kind of Normal."moreless
    • Second Calling
      Episode 801
      At mid-life, many people feel a renewed need for making their lives count. Author Dale Hanson Bourke shares how she learned to look for the "God moments" in each day and found fresh purpose and passion for the second half of her life.