Significant Others (1998)

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Significant Others (1998)

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Amy Lippman and Christopher Keyser, the creators of the award winning and critically acclaimed series, "Party of Five", bring you the story of three best friends and their many romantic entanglements. The series gave us a look into the lives of twentysomethings who, while residing in Los Angeles, are experiencing that dreaded time of their lives when it becomes apparent that they can no longer hang on to their youth and must become adults dealing with choices that actually count. At the center of it all is the sensitive Campbell, a 25 year old, who finds out that love and sex is finding everyone...except him. He discovers that not only has his ex-girlfriend Jane found someone new but that someone turns out to be his brother Ben. Their marriage doesn't make the situation any less painful. To make matters worse, just when Campbell thinks he count on his two best friends, Nell and Henry, it turns out that the two have been having an affair behind his back. Meanwhile, Nell and Henry face other problems of their own. Yale grad Henry, who works for the attractive and older Charlotte, has been reduced to a job where he writes erotic stories for an Internet site and Nell, facing commitment problems, has decided to quit her job in search of new prospects while urging Henry to do the same. When Party of Five went on hiatus, FOX decided to air Significant Others in the same time slot but the network immediately canceled the series when it couldn't get the same stellar ratings. The producers felt that FOX wasn't doing the show any favors by putting it in Party of Five's regular spot and they believed that PO5's devoted fans, who weren't happy with having their favorite show being put on hiatus, purposely skipped Significant Others out of spite. But all was not lost for three of the cast members who eventually received more work from Lippman/Keyser, Scott Bairstow became a recurring cast member on Party of Five as Julia's abusive boyfriend, Jennifer Garner went on to star in the spin-off "Time of Your Life" as one of Sarah's (Jennifer Love Hewitt) friends in New York, and lastly Elizabeth Mitchell could also be seen on "Time of Your Life" in a recurring role. Significant Others starred Eion Bailey ("Band of Brothers," "Dawson's Creek"), Scott Bairstow ("Party of Five," "Harsh Realm"), Jennifer Garner ("Time of Your Life", "Alias"), Elizabeth Mitchell ("E.R.," "The Lyon's Den"), Gigi Rice ("The John Larroquette Show," "Do Over") and Michael Weatherly ("Dark Angel," "Navy NCIS"). Broadcast History: March 1998 - March 1998 Wednesdays, 9:00 PM Opening Theme Song: "Lovers" by Five Easy Pieces "Fox really gives their shows a chance to generate an audience." - Scott Bairstow, March '98, as quoted in the Calgary Sun Look for Significant Others on DVD featuring all six episodes (three which never aired!) from Columbia-Tristar Home Entertainment.moreless