Significant Others

Season 1 Episode 2

A Dad, An Affair & A Blind Date

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 09, 2004 on Bravo
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A Dad, An Affair & A Blind Date
Eleanor's Father jack spends the week at Her and Ethans house and disrupts life as he offends Ethan and everyone else. After sleeping with Connies sister, Ginny, Bill is unable to figure out his next move or if he even has one. James upsets Chelsea when he tries to fix up his friend Bob with her friend Cynthia.moreless

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      • Eleanor: It's like when your dad puts his hand on my ass. I just say "thats my father-in-law" and I take his hand off my ass.
        Ethan: We're not talking about my dad.

      • Ethan: Your old man dad put his old man urine from his old man bladder on my new brand shoes.

      • Ethan: Jack, I have to tell you, I am totally looking forward to being a father.
        Jack: Well, say goodbye to your life. All the fun that you have now, that's all over. They grow out of shoes in about an hour. Life as you know it, will cease to exist.
        Eleanor: Thanks daddy.

      • Ethan: You know what, when we get home I'm going to challenge your dad to a fist fight. I'll fist fight Eleanor's dad to prove a point.
        Eleanor: Honey, my dad could kick your ass.

      • James: I was just saying that I was inviting Bob over to meet Cynthia and you are all of a sudden, "She'll never like Bob, why are you doing this to my friend. Your pimping her out, making her a whore." I can't make Cynthia a whore, she is what she is, I'm just asking her to come over and share her whoriness with Bob!

      • Eleanor: My dad is so nice. Do you remember the toast he gave at our wedding?
        Ethan: Yeah, your mom wrote it.

      • Ethan: She doesn't stand up for me.
        Eleanor: What am I supposed to stand up for? What is this fight that you're fighting against my father?
        Ethan: Hey dad, Don't talk about middle eastern carnage while we're doing it!

      • James: It's just how guys talk.
        Chelsea: I know how guys talk, and second, your not a guy anymore, your married.

      • Eleanor: Who's a hundred percent fine with her dad.
        Ethan: Seriously, I'm certainly not a hundred percent fine with "her" dad.
        Eleanor: And I'm not a hundred percent fine with your dad, just for the record.
        Ethan: Yeah but my dad isn't staying at our house for a week and disrupting my routine.

      • James: I set up my friend bob with my friend her friend Cynthia and she's painting it like I guaranteed that there would be...
        Chelsea: You said "best case senario, you'll get laid".
        James: I said "best case".

      • Connie: It's amazing, because in the past, we never had a close relationship. I always felt like you were this angry witch standing on the outside criticizing everything I did, or thought, or felt.

      • Eleanor: Daddy, you are violating my personal space.
        Jack: I'm not even on your side of the bed.

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