Significant Others

Bravo (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The First Time
      The First Time
      Episode 1
      The series opens as we are introduced to three married couples in therapy. Each one at different stages of their marriages. James finds that his new wife Chelsea may have more experience than he may have ever imagined she, or anyone could have. Bills avoidance of getting a job starts getting to Connie which prompts her to send her sister Ginny to talk with him. Ethan learns that he is going to have to grow up a lot sooner than he planned when Eleanor tells him that she is pregnant.moreless
    • Episode
      Episode 2
    • A Dad, An Affair & A Blind Date
      Eleanor's Father jack spends the week at Her and Ethans house and disrupts life as he offends Ethan and everyone else. After sleeping with Connies sister, Ginny, Bill is unable to figure out his next move or if he even has one. James upsets Chelsea when he tries to fix up his friend Bob with her friend Cynthia.moreless
    • Intercourse, An Official Gathering & A Big Fat Lie
      Eleanor's pregnancy makes her sex drive increase but has the opposite effect on Ethan. Ginny confesses to Connie that she is having an affair with a married man. James may have made a mistake when he brings Chelsea to an office party to show her off to his colleagues.
    • A Breck, A Brother & A Funeral
      Eleanor upsets Ethan when she claims that his engaged to be married brother is gay, James tries to keep his cool when Chelsea invites her ex husband to stay in the house and Bill and Ginnys affair comes to the open at Connies mothers funeral.
    • A School, Not Cool & A Fool
      We are introduced to new patients Devon and Alex who fear that their son may be emulating the fights that he sees his parents have. Eleanor and Ethan attempt to show that they are still cool despite becoming parents. Chelsea is upset when James goes to New York rather than go to her friends wedding.moreless
    • The Right House, The Wrong Gender & A Turn
      After James has a breakthough over the phone, he decides to go the wedding to be with Chelsea who is ready to move on. Alex and Devon start to see that their son is more attached to their maid Carlotta then to them. Ethan and Eleanor go house hunting.
  • Season 2