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Bravo (ended 2004)





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  • Four couples, true to life situations, all performed by improv actors, with a healthy dose of insanity.

    So a friend of mine let me borrow the series on DVD. There were only 12 episodes, which made me expect the show to be great. It reminds me of Fawlty Towers, one of Britain's most critically acclaimed shows in the 1970s but only had 12 episodes. Funny how the best ones get away so quickly. I laughed a lot when I watched this show. Scenarios include a horny pregnant woman, a couple of control of freaks, a man who cheats on his wife with her sister, a 30-year old who is still 14 and runs to his mom when he gets in an argument with his wife, and a couple who are in denial about being less-than-perfect parents, with a son who hears everything. Being completely unscripted, the show takes hilarious twists and turns while remaining watchable and believable. I'm sad that more people have not watched it. I would hope for it to get picked up by Bravo again, but it probably won't. It seems as though this may have just been a side project for actors who already had a career and just wanted to do something fun. Love it!
  • A great show. I wish they would put it back.

    I love watching this show entitled "Significant Others". It is really funny and has almost all kinds of couples there are. There are also parts that put the viewer in the eyes of the marriage therapist while the three couples tell you what has been happening in their lives.

    It's a blast to watch.

    Please BRAVO put it back.
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