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  • Signing Time is THE future of children's programming. Whether it's Signing Time's Series 1 or Series 2 organization, more shows should use a similar format to Signing Time.

    Let me say ONE thing: I LOVE THIS SHOW! I discovered it while flipping through the channels from my local cable provider. I THOUGHT that there was nothing good on PBS but decided to change it to that anyway. It was in the middle of the show--I'm pretty sure I was watching "Everyday Signs"--and Rachel pops up on the screen and says, "Sign Dry." I was thinking, "AWESOME!!!! I didn't know there was a program with this stuff on it!" I was instantly hooked. I NEEDED more of this show! I checked the television listings, and sure enough, it was on at the same time next week. I tuned in. Then, at the end, there was a thing telling people to go to I went and played a couple games before I saw the link to the Signing Time website. I clicked it, and as they say, the rest is history. I became a member of the Signing Time forums and subscribed to receive updates from the site. I registered an account with their online store and now own 7 DVDs and 2 tapes, and I am taping it each week on my local PBS station (if only they'd air Series 1 again!).

    This show helps many children of all abilities. There are VERY MANY testimonials on the Signing Time website. I also babysit a child with autism, and although he doesn't sign much, I noticed something after watching an episode of Signing Time. We had just finished watching "Who Has The Frog?" and he had started doing a slightly different version of the sign for "frog." Sure, it was away from his face/chin, and he was using all of his fingers, but he was SIGNING! I was so happy and surprised!

    If more shows followed Signing Time's format, kids would take more away from educational shows. Shows should teach a couple of things at a time, and then sum up what they learned with a song. It would help children retain the information better and would lead to a smarter world.

    Signing Time is amazing and nobody should be denied a chance to watch it. Even though it's American Sign Language, it's been used in Japan and Ghana. Alex, Leah, and Rachel actually got to go over there and help teach at a deaf school.

    I will never stop praising this series. Signing Time is great!
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