Silent Library

MTV - Music Television Premiered Dec 28, 2008 In Season


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  • This is what MTV should be making.

    MTV will never get back to it's old days since those awful reality shows came in. However,finally,we get a good show that's not related to music,but has people doing crazy stunts. Silent Library is about celebrities and people doing crazy stunts if they get a card with a crossbone on it. They have to do something like play a harmonica out of a dead fish's mouth,lick a dirty window clean or tie your nipples to a moving toy boat. However,they have to be quiet,or else they don't get $100. Now,this show is hilrailous. It brings back the crazy things of MTV shows like Jackass,Viva La Bam and Punk'd,so put that all in one show,and you get this. The stunts are hilrailous and painful to watch,especially if you are getting your head hit by a clock.. However,I have some problems with this show. 1. Where is the music? I know this is a library,but still,why can't there be music. And 2. Justin Bieber was on here. Are you kidding me? You finally have a great show,and you add him in it. Great,he made the show get a lower score. Overall,this is what MTV should be making: shows that include people doing crazy and stupid that are laugh out loud funny. Cancel Teen Mom,True Life,The Challenge,and give this more fame.