Silent Mobius

techtv (ended 2004)



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Silent Mobius

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In the year 2026, Tokyo comes under attack by the mysterious Lucifer Hawks, inhabitants of the dark world of Nemesis. In response the Attack Mystification Police (AMP) is created to fight the threat. Made up young women who each possess unique paranormal abilities, the AMP protects the world against the shapeshifting Lucifer Hawks. Silent Mobius is produced by Radix studio's and licensed by Bandai Entertainment for airing in America as part of Tech TV's Anime Unleashed
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  • This show is pretty awesome

    Silent Mobius was my favorite show while it was still on at Techtv or G4tv. The problem is that G4 decided to end Anime Unleashed thus ending Silent Mobius as well. I was very disappointed that they did it but I still want them to bring it back. The show was pretty cool even though it looked kinda old. The character design wasnt really that special but it was alright that it didnt really ruin the show. The story was not that great but it was interesting enough that I kept watching it till the end. I really like this show that needs to made into a DVD or be aired again.moreless
  • Please bring the show back and please bring back Anime Unleashed.

    When i saw this program on what was originally TechTv then G4TechTv then G4 i totally enjoyed it. I hope they bring it back. And i heard that Silent Mobius movies are being made. I hope that this is truth and that they come to dvd here. Already own the entire series and would love to see the movies. :)

    Unfortunately the bad news is G4 has temporarily removed their Anime Unleashed so it may be a while before we see this or any other "TechTv" series on G4 again. :(

    Please bring Anime Unleashed back.

  • In my opinion, this was the best anime show that a girl could watch!

    I have never seen an anime show that involved all women. Well, there were men but the main characters were women. I loved it! I couldn't wait to get home from school. I used to watch it on TechTV before they changed it to G4TV. I loved the opening theme! It had great music, great pictures, and it told a little bit about each character like their name, age, height, weight, etc. But, you better have a quick eye. It only shows for a few seconds. I think all girls should watch this show at least once. I instantly feel in love with it and I'm sure a lot of other girls did as well.moreless