Silent Mobius

techtv (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Tomorrow
      Episode 26
      Katsumi Liqueur is finally free of the spell she's been under, one that caused her to attack her friends and ally herself with the evil Ganossa Maximillian. Unfortunately, she may have come to her senses a bit too late, as Tokyo is destroyed and Kiddy is lying before her bleeding from the sword Katsumi plunged into her stomach. The rest of the team is nowhere in sight, but that's not because they have been killed. There is more good news among all the chaos, however. Rally Cheyenne is apparently still alive after all, saved by Lum Cheng's grandfather Avalanche Wong. More importantly, Rally was able to finally make peace with her sister before Rosa herself died. Avalanche Wong was also responsible for rescuing Nami and bringing her back to the team, and it's also now up to him to protect the sword that shielded Katsumi from ever again falling into the wrong hands. Whether or not he succeeds in his mission, Kiddy is still barely clinging to life and Katsumi is once again missing. Has her mind again been taken over? Possibly, as Ganossa is still unaccounted for.moreless
    • Count Down
      Count Down
      Episode 25
      AMP headquarters has been over run by the Lucifer Hawks causing Mana to resort to the L-Mission self destruct program. As the city is being evacuated, the remaining AMP members are ordered to retreat leaving them to decide whether or not to leave their friends behind. Meanwhile Kiddy and Lum Cheng attempt to reason with Katsumi but fear that she is too far gone to help.moreless
    • Hell Road
      Hell Road
      Episode 24
      The AMP lies in shambles. Katsumi has turned against her friends and joined with the enemy. As a result of the future being in such flux, Yuki's ESP has caused her to fall into hysteria.
    • Life Again
      Life Again
      Episode 23
      Katsumi has been branded a traitor and Yuki finds herself losing control of her powers. With morale low, Kiddy, Lum Cheng and Lebia are sent to the cyclotron below the city and surprised by what they find.
    • Crying
      Episode 22
      Lebia has been seriously injured in a crash and Mana and Rally believe that Katsumi is responsible. The AMP fear that Katsumi has been taken over by the demon sword Medium.
    • Dark Side of the Moon
      Months after Roys death, Katsumi returns to the AMP which has been downgraded due to the Lucifer Hawks having not attacked since the last battle. As Katsumi rejoins the team, Kiddy fears that she can not be trusted anymore.
    • Love
      Episode 20
      As Katsumi and Roy attempt to escape from Ganossa, they come to realize their feelings for each other are more than they believed. But their relationship is tested just as soon as it begins.
    • Back of a Coin
      Back of a Coin
      Episode 19
      Now that Roy and Katsumi has broken up, both seek advice from other people. Katsumi asks the last person she would ever ask, Lum Cheng, while Roy asks Ralph Bombers and Kiddy. After their conversation, Katsumi and Roy decides to meet for dinner were asked Katsumi to marry him. Suddenly, Ganossa Maximillian, appears and shows that he has other plans for the two. What is this plan of his?moreless
    • Domull
      Episode 18
      Katsumi and Roy go on a date but Katsumi decides to go home before the meal is served. The next day, she still continued to act strangely even in the office. She asks Rally for advice. What will Rally say to her? And why is Katsumi acting this way?
    • Destiny
      Episode 17
      A new danger has emerged in Tokyo. This time its a serial killer. The police can't really do a lot for they are already busy trying to control the Lucifer Hawks. The police cracks the case and the suspect is an AMP member named Kiddy Phenil. Did Kiddy really kill all those people? Or is it something else?moreless
    • Labyrinth
      Episode 16
      An antique coffee grinder catches the eye of Yuki. The thing looks expensive so she decides to walk away. Disappointed, she comes back to the shop and asks for the price. The shopkeeper doesn't want any money, instead he wants her life. Is this man a Lucifer Hawk? And who is he working for?moreless
    • Lum Cheng
      Lum Cheng
      Episode 15
      The Lucifer Hawks and The Ghouls(humans) have joined forces. Their strategy is The Ghouls beats up the person and The Lucifer Hawks finishes the job. Now AMP has a serious problem. Their understaffed team needs to grow so Avalanche Wong offered the services of his apprentice Lum Cheng. Will she get along with the other members?moreless
    • Mobius Klein
      Mobius Klein
      Episode 14
      Six months has passed since Katsumi learned that she too is a Lucifer Hawk. Then she sees three people being attacked by a Lucifer Hawk and tries to help them. Instead of thanking her they turned on her but was saved by the Lucifer Hawk she just injured. Why are people attacking Katsumi? Or is this just a bad dream?moreless
    • Category 4
      Category 4
      Episode 13
      Rally battles her sister causing Cheyenne to retreat, but not before she reveals Rally's dark secret to the AMP officers. Meanwhile, Katsumi has left the AMP to live a normal life with Roy, but is drawn back to action after a "Category 4" Lucifer Hawk is spotted in the city.
    • Sister
      Episode 12
      The Lucifer Hawks return with a rash of vicious attacks leaving the AMP struggling to keep up with work and personal matters. Meanwhile Rally's long missing sister returns but the reunion is not a happy one.
    • Alice in Logic-Space
      The computer network which governs all of Tokyo's technology malfunctions causing chaos, But the question arises as to who or what is responsible for the problem.
    • XRP-77
      Episode 10
      When two young women are killed, Yuki investigates on her won revealing a dark past that she hoped would never catch up to her.
    • Tokyo Antique
      Tokyo Antique
      Episode 9
      After Katsumi's apartment is damaged during an attack by the Lucifer Hawks, she is forced to find a new place to stay. But in the meantime her friends allow her to stay with them in their apartments. An Idea which they soon regret.
    • Yes, My Master
      Yes, My Master
      Episode 8
      Katsumi is cornered by a Lucifer Hawk who once again wants to draw her to his side, but things turn out different when one of her weapons turns against her causing her injury and she begins to hear voices that she cannot resist.
    • Kagome Kagome
      Kagome Kagome
      Episode 7
      Kiddy's relationship with Ralpha has given her a new sunny demeanor around the AMP which she sees as a sign of weakness. Meanwhile Nami Yamigumo is taken home to her family temple to take over the family tradition.
    • Megadyne
      Episode 6
      Kiddy and Ralph have begun a relationship despite their previous differences. But Kiddy's past and present collide when Ralph tells her about his latest case involving a cyborg named Wire.
    • Let's Have A Party
      Katsumi is having problem fitting into her new job. She tries to hard and doesnt depend on others for help. Because of this she gets into trouble often when fighting a Lucifer Hawk. Also, the new force doesnt have a good image just yet so they decide to throw a party. How will this affect their image?moreless
    • Break In
      Break In
      Episode 4
      Now that she is working in the field for the AMP, Katsumi repeatedly disobeys orders and goes off on her own to try and destroy the Lucifer Hawk. Everytime she does so, the Lucifer Hawk is able to escape. Angered by the results, their superiors gave them a little time off. During that time, Katsumi was attacked by a Lucifer Hawk. She tries to fight it by herself but was later saved by the other members of the AMP. Will this event change her mind about working as part of a team?moreless
    • Tokyo Underground
      Katsumi is now a full-time member of the AMP but she still needs to receive formal police training. In the months after her admittance to the school, her scores are not up to standards. The AMP decided to give her a trainer. Who is this trainer and can he really help Katsumi develop as a police officer? During their training, the car that they were using malfunctioned and they landed in Heavens Hall. What awaits the two in Heavens Hall and can they come out alive?moreless
    • Decide
      Episode 2
      Katsumi ponders if she will join the AMP or not. She stays at a hotel where she is found by a Lucifer Hawk. What does he want with Katsumi? Meanwhile, a group of scientists have found a rock that contains an organism. They brought it back to the lab but it turns out that it contains a Lucifer Hawk. What will this Lucifer Hawk do?moreless
    • Awake
      Episode 1
      The Lucifer Hawks continue to attack civilians. The AMP are there to counteract these monsters and a new member is getting assigned to their group. Her name is Katsumi Liquer and she might be the key to stop the Lucifer Hawks.
  • Specials