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Welcome to the Silent Witness guide at Silent Witness is a forensic thriller series, which was first broadcast in 1996, created by ex-police officer Nigel McCrery. The programme originally followed the activities of pathologist Dr Sam Ryan (who was later promoted to professor), played by Amanda Burton. However, Ryan's character departed early in the eighth series in 2004. During the sixth series in 2002, Dr Leo Dalton (William Gaminara) and Dr Harry Cunningham (Tom Ward) had joined the team, and now remained in the series and continued as lead characters following Ryan's departure, with Dalton replacing her as professor. Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) joined the team shortly after Ryan's departure. Orginally set in Cambridge, the main action of the series was then relocated to London. The programme is typically made up of a series of two-part stories, usually with six to eight episodes per series. The tenth series saw the number of stories go up to five. Creator Nigel McCrery has also published five novels based on the series.

Emilia Fox

Emilia Fox

Dr Nikki Alexander [ 2004 - ]

David Caves

David Caves

Jack Hodgson [ 2013 - ]

Richard Lintern

Richard Lintern

Dr Thomas Chamberlain [ 2014 - ]

Amanda Burton

Amanda Burton

Dr./Professor Sam Ryan [ 1996 - 2004 ]

William Gaminara

William Gaminara

Dr./Professor Leo Dalton [ 2002 - 2013 ]

Tom Ward

Tom Ward

Dr Harry Cunningham [ 2002 - 2012 ]

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  • Silent Witness

    Silent Witness is, put simply, a brilliant show. Not only are the plots very honest, the bodies realistic and the acting quite good but the characters are fantastic. This is a show that isn't afraid to say that crimes aren't always solved, the right people aren't always put in jail, your favourite characters aren't always in love and England isn't the good guy all the time. The characters are witty, funny, intelligent and kind but also stubborn, untrusting and sometimes almost awful people. Not only are they in-depth characters with flaws but they are all very different and have wonderful chemistry.

    For me, the most stand out feature of the show, asides from the characters, are the endings. In most crime dramas the episodes end not only with the bad guy being caught and put away for a long time but society seems almost to have changed. Gang wars have been stopped or racism has lessened. In silent witness it is a common occurrence that the 'bad guy' isn't put away for what we feel is a just amount of time, we see that despite the fact that a murder has been solved there will continue to be bloodshed.

  • Stiffs on and off the slab

    The new series is just being shown in Australia and I turned off to checked reviews and see if anyone else thought the acting was wooden - which they do. What is going on? The actors just seem to be reading their lines. We have plenty of that with Australian TV productions - reasonably good plot but stiff as a board. Is it the script, the directing or the actors?
  • Erm ...

    just watched the episode of the new series of Silent Witness or was it the woodentops? some of the acting was simply that wooden. It does take a lot to move me to comment but that was awful
  • Help me settle an argument

    Have just watched 'legacy' and my husband believes the building where the bodies were found is rossendale hospital my friend disagrees who is right
  • If i was mudered il'd want these three to try and catch my killer

    I must say the original series of the show with amanda burton as sam ryan i didn't like i just hated sam ryan as a character and had avoided the show, however recently a friend made me watch it when we were watching tv and i absolutly love it, i love harry, nicki, and leo i like the cases they investigate now, and the writing and the storylines they show are so much more intresting than the ones they showed before, the investigating is done well the science is intresting and the bosies always look so real, i don't know how any one could'nt love it can't wait till the next season.moreless
  • 5:30 pm
    Thursday Night Football

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